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Where to buy Pistachio paste?

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I've checked market basket, shaw's, trader joe's, and whole foods, but have not been able to find it. Does anyone know of somewhere I can buy it? Any help greatly appreciated!

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  1. I'd try either Salumeria or DePasquales in the North End.

    1. Fastachi in Watertown makes superb fresh roasted pistachio butter if that is the same thing. No other store bought version is even close.

      1. Ask at your local bakery; they might sell you some. We use it at work so if you strike out, send me a message and I can see if we can sell you some.....

        1. Check the canned goods at Russo's. I know they sell canned almond and prune paste, they probably sell pistachio as well. If I recall correctly, look down the middle of the three main aisles to the left.

          Another likely possibility in the NE is Polcari's Coffee.

          1. +1 on Fastachi. They make everything fresh on site. I was at a holiday Farmer's Market looking for their hazelnut paste. They didn't have it because the batch they had made the day before was bitter tasting. They didn't want to make more until they found out if the problem was the hazelnuts or something else.

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              Agreed about Fastachi. After reading this back in Oct., I tried some. Honestly, just having it by the spoonful was terrific... great stuff!

            2. My wife found one can a few weeks back at Pemberton Farms (Mass. Ave in North Cambridge). I think it was their last can, though...