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Oct 7, 2012 09:09 PM

Nearby Son of a Gun for dinner?

I was hoping to nab an early (5pm) reservation at Son of Gun this weekend, but they don't open until 6.

Thing is - we have a show to go to at 7 closer toward Koreatown, and I want to take a leisurely early dinner and drinks before we cab it over to the Ebell Theater.

What else is in the area between Beverly Center and K'town that's new and exciting? Also, must be open by 5pm. No limits on the cuisine

I was thinking maybe Robata Jinya, or even Chaya Brasserie, but both open at 5:30. What else is good in the neighborhod?

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  1. Not new but still delicious: Pizzeria Mozza.

    New and exciting items at the Hollywood PM (if you haven't already tried them) include veal tongue and pig ear milianese antipasti and the Bianco/Di Napoli margherita pizza.

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    1. re: Porthos

      Haven't tried those items, and agree - Mozza's a good play in that area.

    2. Which day of the week are you doing this on?

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          Well, that just happens to be porchetta night at Angelini Osteria (not too mention their killer lasagna verde). On Saturday they open at 5 PM

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            I might have to rethink the "not in the mood for Italian." I'm getting pincer-movemented by good Italian options.

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              It's a good thing Sotto doesn't open until 530 (despite it being a touch west of your parameters) or you would definitely be out flanked!

      1. Based on your critera... I think perhaps a nice munchy dinner at Rays at LACMA might be a good hit. The cab ride is just straight down Wilshire.

        Also, since you guys are coming up... perhaps you don't have to go to far west. We recently had a KNOCKOUT dinner at All Angolo in Koreatown.

        Both of these places are pretty much open all day, so you could come earlier if you wish...



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        1. re: Dommy

          Ray's might be it. Looking for a little more atmosphere for this dinner.

          Though All' Angolo sounds good too. Not generally inclined to eat Italian in this town, but I'd try it based on your enthusiastic recommendation.

        2. Followup: we ended up at AOC for some pre-show bites. Had some great wines by the glass, ate great small plates. Exceptionally sharp service. It's a great place and we enjoyed it.

          But after our show, we poked our heads into Gusto for some dessert, wine and maybe one entree to share. Finished tableside by the Chef with a raw egg yolk stirred into the piping-hot pasta, the carbonara dish was the best thing I've eaten in forever. Also, the toasted coconut gelato "pie" and the panna cotta were phenonemal. I wish we'd eaten our pre-show actual dinner here instead of AOC. Much lower-key vibe, and much more exciting food than AOC. The wine program's not as good as AOC, but I can live with that.

          Gusto is a small space, and easy to miss. It gave off great chow-juju when I first saw it, and it delivered on that promise when we ate there. Looking forward to going back.

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          1. re: Professor Salt

            Mmmm, Gusto sounds good. Good think you didn't make it to SOAG. We found it not as gratifying as it could be.