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Oct 7, 2012 07:50 PM

BLAVOD: anyone know where to buy in CT?

Looking to track down a liquor store that carries BLAVOD (black vodka)

- preferably along the eastern shoreline of CT - but will be interested in other spots.....

so give me a clue or keep your eye out - want to get in time for a Halloween party!!!

thanks CH's

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  1. I can tell you that the CT wholesaler for Blavod is Ace Distributing in Plainview. Maybe if you call, they'll be able to tell you what liquor stores buy it from them.

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        1. re: BiscuitBoy

          I surmised it was Plainville and it was - just a typo by OP

      1. Thanks to Momma - I got a list

        So I will share:

        stores in that area that have purchased the Blavod Vodka:

        1. A&P Wine & Spirits. Located on: 28A Halls Road. Old Lyme Tel: 860-434-6298
        2. Grand Spirit II. Located on: 220 Route 12 STE 17 Groton Tel: 860-445-1044
        3. Waterford Wine & Spirits. Located on: 825-829 Hartford Tpke. Waterford Tel: 860-437-9740

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          I should add that any of those stores should be willing to do a special order for you even if they don't have Blavod in stock--it's not a big deal since they have already a relationship with the distributor. Happy Halloween!

        2. I never even knew such a thing existed! While you're questing for black alcohol, do you already know of (and like) black sambuca? Opal Nera is great...smoother than regular sambuca, at least to me. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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            Nope - didn't know that ! Have to check it out as well!!!