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Oct 7, 2012 07:15 PM

Potato Gnocchi- Serving ideas?

Made about 200 gnocchi today, which for the 2 of us will be seven more meals. We have never eaten these in any way other than boiled, tossed with butter and blanketed with fontina, then broiled. Now, we do completely love potato gnocchi prepared that way, like a potatoey Mac and cheese. But for the sake of variety, what else should we do?

Have some basil pesto in freezer, so that's one option. Have some roasted tomatoes sitting in olive oil in fridge, so I can see roasted tomato sauce and parmesan gratinee. I imagine they could be boiled then pan-fried like pierogies and served as a side dish with butter and salt. Or maybe with stew of some sort.

We have basil, tarragon, sage, chives and rosemary in the garden. A nice stash of pine nuts and walnuts. Of course olive oil. A surfeit of Parmesan (I thought we were out not once but twice, leaving us three chunks in fridge, vacuum sealed so there is no panic), plus normal amounts of gruyere, Colby-jack, cheddar, and fontina. And a quart jar of roasted tomatoes in tomato & garlic infused olive oil. Oh yeah, and a big pile of onions that are to be carmelized in the crock pot sometime within the next week. Plus a backlog of chicken fat in the freezer.



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  1. well it sounds like you've got several ideas already!

    - tomato sauce and a healthy dose of Parm is always delicious...or you could go for a tomato cream or vodka sauce
    - the pesto you mentioned would be lovely, and you can even enhance/thicken it with a splash of cream
    - a gorgonzola sauce makes for a wonderfully decadent dish, and it's even better with sauteed wild mushrooms
    - you can never go wrong with sage & browned butter
    - it's a wonderful complement to braised short ribs...or toss/top with a meaty ragu

    1. I wish I had more to add to your own and ghg's ideas - except to suggest if you live in the Boise area you serve it to a couple new friends, lol! ;)

      1. with roasted chicken and thyme gravy :) with some garlic spinach

        with brisket and au jus or pan gravy (i've done it with my shallot and balsamic brisket)

        with a simple saute of julienned sundried tomatoes, garlic, basil and shallots; finished with some dollops of ricotta cheese

        with caramelized onions, wild mushrooms, spinach, browned butter, olive, S& P, and jarlsberg or gruyere... possibly with some cashews or walnuts or hazelnuts chopped for some textural contrast...

        1. Absolutely best with a bolognese sauce and fresh parmesano regiano.

          1. How about this creamy broccoli pesto recipe from Smitten Kitchen?