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Oct 7, 2012 06:38 PM

Perogies- recipes that call for sour cream in the dough?

Trying to replicate the perogies at a favourite Polish restaurant. I understand that adding sour cream to the dough helps make their version lighter than the more common Prairie version. Does anyone have a recipe calling for sour cream in the dough?

Found these recipes, calling for sour cream in the dough:

Thanks for any suggestions or comments.

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  1. No 'recipe' needed...just add a spoonful or two of well drained sour cream to you standard noodle dough. That's what the old Polish born lady who used to live next door to me would do. Her pierogies were outrageously good.

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        Similarly, plain yogurt works as well. I have an old newspaper clipping recipe that takes that approach. One thing to note, the pierogi will taste better, but the dough can be a little more difficult to work with as I find it to be more elastic.

      2. From my personal slavic cooking collection:

        These are from a vintage recipe book (note the spiral binding) from the late seventies printed by a carpatho-russian orthodox church.

        Cheddar in pirohi????