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Oct 7, 2012 06:36 PM

Turkey-Chicken broth -- OK or not?

I have a bunch of frozen roasted turkey bones and chicken bones -- can I combine the two and make a Two-Fowl broth/stock -- or is this just not done, too weird? This would be used for soup or jook.

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    1. I've done it. It's fine. Especially if you don't roast the bones first, there can be a noticeable turkey-ish flavor. Should be fine for most soups and such, but it will tend to draw a little more attention to the broth than plain chicken stock.

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        Go for it. I've used chicken stock in recipes where I had to braise beef, so the final combination was beef/chicken stock, and it tasted wonderful. I like complex stocks.

        1. IME the chicken bones will provide a more flavorful, gelatinous broth than would turkey bones alone. With either bird, it is a good idea to add some raw meaty bones as well - wings, backs, necks. A stock/broth made with bones alone can have a minerally harshness, and muddy color.