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Oct 7, 2012 05:33 PM

Cost Plus World Market

I shop at World Market and always find a new food treat in the aisles. Sometimes they are just new to me, though. Right now I am enjoying the Orange Kit-Kat and the melon Hi-Chews.

So I am curious...does anyone else have any favorites at World Market?Recommendations?

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  1. I've been getting out to the area where the closest World Market more often now that I'm doing some work up there. I usually just browse the foods and get whatever catches my eye that day. The other day, I had the wasabi snack mix and loved it. I've gotten some staple sauces there.

    What I really like is their selection of cooking and serving ware. I bought a large bamboo steamer (after discovering that I only had a really small one) for half the price of the Asian market. And I picked up some little white cream servers for 99 cents that I'll use for serving individual servings of sauces alongside a dish.

    And OT, I know...but I always browse their scarves and jewelry for deals, as well as some of their bath and body stuff.

    1. Ooh, orange Kit-Kat!

      My wife and I love World Market, but the closest one is over half an hour away in a direction we never go in, so a trip there is a rare treat. They used to have metal kegs of Virgil's root beer with a built-in tap (maybe a few gallons worth, perfect for parties), and we love the Xochitl tortilla chips, Zapp's potato chips, Volpi wine-cured salamis, interesting bottled sodas, and maple candies.

      We're lucky to be surrounded by authentic ethnic grocery stores (Hispanic, Vietnamese, Indian, Middle Eastern), but World Market must be even more fun if you don't have anything like them in your area.

      1. They have a good selection of chocolate bars, and some of their house-label bars are very good (I like the sea salt and the chipotle).

        1. I always buy marzipan there every Christmas--don't like the kind with chocolate, just the pretty little fruit shaped ones.

          1. don bruno sherry vinegar.
            best sherry vin i've ever found, including reserva in spain (where sherry is made). LOVE this stuff and a huge bottle is about $7.