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Oct 7, 2012 05:26 PM

Chicken vs Turkey

Turkey is the traditional fare at Thanksgiving. But in all honesty, I cannot stand the taste of it. I much prefer chicken. We have family coming over and cooked 2 chicken instead of 1 turkey. My question to all you chowhoundians, do you like the taste of turkey over chicken? Are we doing something wrong with the way we prepare turkey?

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  1. I prefer chicken.....turkey is not my thing.....has a weird taste to it. If I must eat turkey, it's covered with cranberry sauce. Or as my friends would ask, "would you like some turkey with your cranberry sauce?"

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      Last christmas, there was so much turkey left over so the next day I had turkey (without gravy) or anything with it for lunch. It was one of the nastiest taste ever. At least cranberry sauce and gravy someone masks its taste. I would like to hear more from others as to why they like turkey

      1. I don't know what it is, but my SIL and her family obtain turkey for the holidays that smells and has the texture of shoe rubber. I can't eat it. It's just unbelievably gross. The only times I did eat it, I got hiccups because it was so dry, and I just don't touch it (or I pretend to eat it to be polite at her holiday parties). However, when I get my turkeys (I buy mine at Whole Foods), I enjoy the taste, and the stock produced from it tastes better than chicken stock IMHO. I think turkey suffers from poor cooking methods by too many people.

        1. Viva the difference. I like both turkey and chicken. Chicken is better in stir-frys and the deep fryer, but minced turkey seems better than minced chicken. Gravy and cranberry sauce go better with Turkey. Chicken, especially dark meat is more moist. For Thanksgiving, I would hope for turkey (and gravy)....but would not be disappointed with chicken. I know some restaurants used chicken in hot turkey sandwiches because they could get away with it (customers did not complain and/or did not know the diff). YMMV.

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            Got to love those cranberries. LOL

          2. Never liked turkey, so we always had capon. That was UNTIL we started brining the turkey. Now we look forward to delicious, moist, yummy turkey!

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              Never brined a turkey, but I found that using a turkey bag kept the turkey from drying out as much as it would. I just open it late in the process to crisp up the skin. I know that Blumenthal recommends a light brine solution for chicken then roasting the chicken for a much longer time at around 90C until it reaches 60C at the thickest part of the breast; remove chicken and turn oven up as high as it will go; rest the chicken for 45 minutes; returning it to the oven for about 10 minutes until the skin is golden brown.

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                Brining is a wonderful thing. I made fried chicken the other night with chicken that I had brined for a few hours first. The brining was seriously the best thing done to that chicken, hands down. Really remarkable.

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                  i'm a huge fan of dry brining - it's less messy than wet brining, and less time consuming if you want to do a quickie on a weeknight. and i prefer the results, as sometimes wet-brined meat can be spongy.

            2. Sounds like some one doesn't know how to properly prepare/cook a turkey. LOL If I were ever dumb enough to start/own a restaurant again the first thing I would require any applicant for chef would be to prepare/cook a turkey. Price point alone makes serving excellent turkey dishes a must in any restaurant. Capons are excellent but $$$$$$$! compared to turkeys.

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                "dumb enough to start/own a restaurant again"
                well said, I hears ya!

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                  Would love it if an Indian restaurant offered tandoori turkey!

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                    I wonder if there are turkeys in India?