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Oct 7, 2012 05:05 PM

Crab claws

I am Heading back to the Houston/Galveston area (original home but have not lived there in years) next week and was wondering if anyone can recommend a good restaurant for fresh, not overly breaded, fried crab claws. Something that compares to casamento's in New Orleans. I also enjoy them grilled/sautéed as long as they are fresh.

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  1. I've had them at Casamento's - YUM!

    On I-45 South (Gulf Freeway) at 610 just inside the loop is Bonnie's Beef and Seafood and I like them there a lot.

    I wouldn't hesitate to try them at Floyd's either which is on I-45 South at the Nasa Road One exit. Just in front of Garden Ridge Pottery and Burlington Coat Factory. Floyd's also has lots of other good dishes and it's very casual. The only thing there I didn't like was their dirty rice which I always get instead of fries if offered. They took it back and I got fries and they were awesome. I like their frog legs!! The last time I was there I got the seafood fondue, shared it with my husband and couldn't eat another bite after that. It was delicious.

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      Thank you so much texasredtop! Both locations are very convenient and I have been to both on past trips not knowing that it was safe to order the crab claws. Your local expertise on such a delicate matter is welcomed.

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        My SIL had the fried crab claws at Floyd's and said they were delicious. There didn't seem to be a whole lot of them though. Then again I could eat a bucket full. She got the dirty rice and sent it back. So that makes two dirty rice lovers that didn't like their dirty rice.

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          Hi texasredtop. I have not had a chance to report back about my trip to Houston. First, I went to Bonnie's on the gulf freeway and was unimpressed. The claws were small, expensive and there were not many at all. I had a mix of grilled and fried, both mediocre. Second, I went to Floyd's and the crab claws were plump and plentiful. Very close to cassimentos but not quite as good. Thanks for the suggestions - Floyd's over Bonnie's any day! Also the fried shrimp at Floyd's were much better than anything in Memphis!

    2. My favorite used to be at Churrasco's which is not primarily a seafood restaurant. Sauteed and served with a butter sauce and a yucca cake, they were the stuff of dreams. The past couple of times I've ordered them, they were not fresh tasting. Oh how I loved those claws.