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Oct 7, 2012 04:45 PM

Staying on the North Shore

We will be spending 5 days in Hauula on the North Shore. All recommendations for grocery shopping, farmers markets and restaurants appreciated. Any activities we shouldn't miss?

We will be heading to the city for dinner at Alan Wong's and Le Mer.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. On Oahu, Hauula is considered "country," a far-off place that urban folk don't often visit because aside from the beaches and mountains, which we also have closer to our homes, there is not much to do or see. I believe the nearest supermarkets (and movie theaters and fast food places, for that matter) are in Laie and in Temple Valley Shopping Center in Heeia. If you're driving from the airport, I suggest you stock up on supplies at the Safeway in Kaneohe. Wednesdays and Sundays there is a farmers market at Windward Mall, which is across the street from the shopping center where the Safeway is located. I haven't been to the Sunday market (which runs 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.) but the Wednesday market (which is from 2:30 to 7:30 p.m.) has great offerings in local produce. The farmers market is IN the mall, by Macy's..

    1. One of the best things about Hauula is Tamura's Market. They have a very good selection of poke, beer and spirits. That alone should keep you happy for at least five days (combined with the beach.) Remember, you won't be able to buy liquor up the road in Laie. Tamura's is a pretty decent grocery store as well.

      Papa Ole's Restaurant in Hauula was all the rage for a while last summer (2011) but still has faithful fans, so they seem to have survived the ravages of publicity and are plugging a long just fine. Good local kine food (i.e. rice on every plate, no vegetables.)

      Up the road a bit (5-6 miles) in Kahuku is Fiji Market & Curry Shop. Cool little country store, but they are best known for their Curry plates. Takes a little finding, but worth it. And of course Giovanni's and a couple of other shrimp trucks are in Kahuku as well.

      And Just North of Kahuku town itself is the Turtle Bay (Kuilima to old timers) resort. Hopefully Bill Hunt will chime in, because he stayed there sometime within the last year or so and had some comments on the restaurants there, you may want to try to track that thread down.

      In Laie (halfway to Kahuku) is the Hukilau Cafe, famous from it's appearance in 50 first dates. The Hukilau is known for their exceptional Loco Moco and their burgers. Breakfast and lunch only.

      Up in Sunset Beach is Foodland Supermarket, but I doubt you will find much there you can't get at Tamura's. There is also a pizza truck that I have been wanting to try called Impossible's that gets mostly good reviews.

      Just North of Sunset Beach is Waimea Bay and Waimea Valley. The Haleiwa Farmer's market has moved to Waimea Valley as of August this year. It is open on Thursdays, 3pm-7pm.

      Finally if you are feeling adventurous, you can drive all the way up to the "big city" of the North Shore, Haleiwa. Matsumoto's shave ice, Pizza Bob's, Haleiwa Joe's, Jameson's by the Sea, Luibueno's, and Kua Aina burgers are among the well known offerings.

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        Thank you both so much this is exactly what I was looking for and will do very well entertaining myself. Love livin in the country. Spent a summer in Waimanalo in the late 60's and loved it. Will report back on our adventure. You guys are great!!

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          Luibueno's is a Hunt favorite, mine too during Happy Hour, when the fish tacos are half-price. I also like Opal's in Haleiwa SC for pushy but good Thai food.