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50th birthday luncheon in Hartford area

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Hi --

I'm planning a 50th birthday luncheon for my sister, and I'd like suggestions for a festive place that can accommodate picky eaters (especially the birthday girl!). OK with suggestions outside Hartford, eg Glastonbury or Weathersfield.

Thank you!


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  1. Can you provide an idea of how many people (e.g. do you need a private room?), do you have a particular cuisine that works or doesn't work? What do you mean by "picky eater"? Lots of great food but some additional info to narrow down suggestions would be helpful.

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      Thanks for replying! We'll be 14 people, so no need for a private room, but it would be nice to be somewhere not too noisy. By "picky eater" I mean she likes things simple -- not big on fancy preparations. Re: cuisine, I think American or Italian would be fine.

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        maybe http://www.luckylousbarandgrill.com/o... in old Wethersfield. They have a small private room that might work out well for your size group.

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          The Max group has some good options and I have rarely been disappointed by the food or service - West Hartford (Max Burger or Max Oyster Bar), Glastonbury (Max Amore/Max Fish), Hartford (Trumbull Kitchen - although noise here might be a factor). Black-eyed Sally's in Hartford can be "festive" - fun southern/bbq style menu. Plan B burger bar (they have more than just burgers) in West Hartford or Glastonbury always good.

      2. http://www.maxrestaurantgroup.com/amo...

        1. Piccolo Arancio, Apricot's, Cugina...all in Farmington

          1. The Max restaurants really are quite good. Trumbull Kitchen is a bit more causal, kind of has something for everyone. Max Oyster is also nice. I like Grants in West Hartford, simple, but well prepared food and fantastic desserts! I would suggest having them make a cake, so good, try the chocolate mousse pie.

            1. Thank you so much for all your feedback! I finally asked the birthday girl what she would prefer and she came up with Restaurant Bricco -- and yes, we'll be getting the cake from Grant's. Happy eating to all -- Amy