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Oct 7, 2012 04:44 PM

50th birthday luncheon in Hartford area

Hi --

I'm planning a 50th birthday luncheon for my sister, and I'd like suggestions for a festive place that can accommodate picky eaters (especially the birthday girl!). OK with suggestions outside Hartford, eg Glastonbury or Weathersfield.

Thank you!


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  1. Can you provide an idea of how many people (e.g. do you need a private room?), do you have a particular cuisine that works or doesn't work? What do you mean by "picky eater"? Lots of great food but some additional info to narrow down suggestions would be helpful.

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      Thanks for replying! We'll be 14 people, so no need for a private room, but it would be nice to be somewhere not too noisy. By "picky eater" I mean she likes things simple -- not big on fancy preparations. Re: cuisine, I think American or Italian would be fine.

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        maybe in old Wethersfield. They have a small private room that might work out well for your size group.

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          The Max group has some good options and I have rarely been disappointed by the food or service - West Hartford (Max Burger or Max Oyster Bar), Glastonbury (Max Amore/Max Fish), Hartford (Trumbull Kitchen - although noise here might be a factor). Black-eyed Sally's in Hartford can be "festive" - fun southern/bbq style menu. Plan B burger bar (they have more than just burgers) in West Hartford or Glastonbury always good.

        1. Piccolo Arancio, Apricot's, Cugina...all in Farmington

          1. The Max restaurants really are quite good. Trumbull Kitchen is a bit more causal, kind of has something for everyone. Max Oyster is also nice. I like Grants in West Hartford, simple, but well prepared food and fantastic desserts! I would suggest having them make a cake, so good, try the chocolate mousse pie.

            1. Thank you so much for all your feedback! I finally asked the birthday girl what she would prefer and she came up with Restaurant Bricco -- and yes, we'll be getting the cake from Grant's. Happy eating to all -- Amy