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Oct 7, 2012 03:59 PM

Guy Savoy what to order

We are having lunch at guy savoy and it appears that you can order off the lunch menu with the exception of caviar and cheese. I was wondering if anyone has recommendations of what they have ordered and loved.

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  1. Someone should get his signature artichoke and truffle soup. Also was there in late October when game was in full swing and his palombe ( wood pigeon ) as well as the perdrix ( partridge ) were memorable.

    1. Also the pintade en vessie. Mmmmm.

      1. It usually comes down to what you like to eat. Last September (more than a year ago), our favorites were the 'Autour de la Tomate', different forms of tomato, cold and hot, chopped, sliced, granites, a warm tart. The sole roasted on the bone, the crispy Ris de veau, a simple baked to order vanilla millefeuille for two that was not on the menu. We had been going to GS since he had his restaurant on r. Duret, many more times then when it was affordable. Two of the things that I think he does the best are sweetbread and puff pastry. On our previous prix fixed lunches, once they sent out a small complimentary Artichoke and Truffle Soup. I have never been taken with the soup but the truffled brioche that served along side is wonderful (addictive, ask for more); another time, they sent a single Huitre Glacee for each of us. That is a signature dish that goes back more than 30 years. Hope it is still the practice.
        If it is your first visit, Hubert, the captain, will probably try to steer you to one of the meat dishes (a safe choice), mostly likely the cote de veau with truffled mashed for two. It is good but very straight forward. It is ok to politely pass on it and ask him for another suggestion. He is terrific and very engaging; makes GS a great experience.

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