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Oct 7, 2012 03:45 PM

Best sweet tidbits for wedding favors?

Hi 'hounds,

I didn't find anything like this in the archives, so I'm hoping some of you can help me out! My fiance and I are getting married in SF (East Bay, technically) next month, and our top idea for wedding favors (fudge from Wilbur's factory in PA - we're East Coast 'hounders) fell through -- the fudge maker nixed it on the grounds that the fudge would dry out to quickly between when we would have to package it and when it would be opened. <sigh... it's really good fudge!>

So now we are looking for other ideas, preferably local to SF/Bay area, but we're not nearly as familiar with the baking/sweet scene out there. Does anyone have suggestions for small treats that would work well (can be packaged individually/in small portions without being ruined, etc.)? Bonus points if they are particular to the Bay Area, but not vital. (But not interested in ghirardelli, or any chain/mediocre corporate-basket-type stuff.)


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  1. I put Sabores del Surs' alfajores in the wedding favor bags guests received as well as Claire's Squares. This was several years ago though. They seem to both have started out of La Cocina so you might want to check and see if there are new offerings through La Cocina as well.

    1. These are native to Southern, rather than Northern California, but the sea salt caramels from Little Flower Candy Company are fantastic.

      1. My old company used to stock the chocolate almond toffee from Toffee Talk. I got seriously hooked on the stuff, and I am not even a fan of toffee.

        1. Poco Dolce tiles.

          It's possible to order favors, with 2 tiles per box.

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            In a similar vein, Tcho does small sampler boxes that can be personalized:

          2. Thanks, all! We are having a relative who happens to be coming back East next week bring us samples. Looking forward to yumminess. :)