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Oct 7, 2012 03:15 PM

Shibucho on beverly

anyone been recently ?

what are your thoiughts ?

still good as ever ?

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  1. Was there a few weeks ago. Did not have the omakase, but the sushi was fabulously fresh. I don't have many other benchmarks to compare it to from the neighborhood, as there is such a dearth of good sushi restaurants in the SL/EP hoods (imho). I'd say its the Go's Mart of the eastside of town. The clientele, on that friday evening, was leaning more hipster, most likely a reflection of the neighborhood. But still definitely make reservations ahead if you'd like to sit at the sushi bar and let Shige san do his thing!

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    1. re: annie

      How much was your meal ? Did you have a lot of sushi ? Any of his much prized and heralded older wines ? Any of his fusion-y dishes ?


      1. re: kevin

        My friends and I (four of us, one who is Japanese and a regular) asked the chef to just do his thing on a sushi sampling with two appetizers each. The first appetizer was warm mackerel in a light vinegar sauce - delicious - although it might not appeal to those who aren't fond of oily fish; and the second were scallops in a cream sauce. Both dishes were cooked. We then each had about 8 or 10 pieces of sushi, running the gamut from toro to yellowtail to sweet shrimp. We did have two bottles of cold sake among the four of us - and the bill came to about $130 per person. We don't dare venture into Shige's wine world, the last time we did that, the bill was almost double that!

        1. re: annie

          double that ? i thought the bill would be easily triple that with the dope wines.

          definitely if you go again order their eggplant parm too, i know it sounds crazy but it's beyond exceptional.

          i've never tried the scallops in cream sauce, maybe i'll have to order that next time too.

          yeah, i never see people ordering sake, there but a lot do drink wine. i did have wine by the glass a few times so that was relatively decently priced at 10 to 12 bucks a glass.

          1. re: kevin

            more than triple that on a few occasions. it's hard to resist.

            1. re: cls

              damn, no i am very overdue on a visit there.