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Oct 7, 2012 03:06 PM

Bonefish Grill opening in Greenville, NC

I just learned that Bonefish Grill will be opening on October 29 on Memorial Drive. We enjoyed it in Richmond, so am looking forward to another nearby option for decent fish and seafood.

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  1. Yay. The chain restaurant scene gets even better in Greenville. Can't wait to enjoy their local seafood.

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    1. re: veganhater

      Do I sense a little sarcasm here?

      True, it is a chain, but far and away better than any other chain in Greenville, at least in my opinion. Since there aren't any good options in the city for local seafood, at least that I'm aware of, I'm looking forward to it.

      1. re: GaKaye

        You are probably right about bonefish ascending to the top of the chain pyramid in Greenville. That alone speaks volumes about the Greenville dining scene. I can't figure out how many sit down chains proliferate the town and survive.

        1. re: veganhater

          Beaucoup out of town shoppers from outlying rural areas with unadventurous palates and/or a disinclination to leave Greenville Boulevard or Memorial.

          1. re: Naco

            Naco, as one of those out of town shoppers, please help me to find better options. I don't think my palate is unadventurous, and I'm certainly not disinclined to leave the main roads. We've found Starlight, Cafe Duo, and aTavola, all of which we enjoy. We have not yet tried Copper and Vine, but it's on the list. I'm really not aware of anything else, and didn't really get a lot of suggestions when I posted an inquiry earlier.

            We're fairly particular diners, not really liking fried foods and I'm not a sandwich fan. We like fresh, local ingredients prepared in new and innovative ways where the ingredients star. I don't need or want a huge hunk of meat on my plate.

            We don't frequent the chains at all, except for Rucker John's (not really a chain), which actually does make a good pizza. I'd love to find a great place for fresh, local seafood. Even in New Bern I haven't really had a lot of luck in that quest.

            1. re: GaKaye

              It's been awhile since I lived here, and I'm a newbie to the board but I'd like to throw some suggestions out there......

              Ayden BBQ.- 2 of the best Q joints I've found on the east side. Pete Jones is simple and loaded with tradition. Get a large plate and wander around the old pits and wood piles after. (Next door is a cool store with pickled/fresh (in season) produce)

              Bums is 5 min. Away. It has family ties to Pete Jones and offers a much wider selection of sides, all great, and ribs if your there early enough.

              While your in Ayden swing by Summerells, a butcher store ran by an ex-pat South African. The best bacon I've found in the south unless you can find Allen Benton's.. Which (IMHO) is the stuff dreams are made of..

              In Greenville there's a Thai place across from the old Hams on Evans St. Used to be in a strip mall on memorial, great Thai food, I really like the soup ;)

              A good friend and life long local thinks hugely of mama c's soul food.. Hard to find, weird hours, sounds about right,

              B's BBQ has some good q, but the chicken is pretty awesome in my book, get there early though.. Game day u need to be there at breakfast (seriously)

              Hope this helps..


              1. re: MattDBrewer

                Sumrell's is run by a South African? When I've gone there, everybody working has been local women. Definitely the best sausage I've found in the area, though. Their chorizo is really good and better than what I get from the Mexican butcher down the street from me.

              2. re: GaKaye

                You're doing pretty well, and I think most of the places worth going to have been mentioned already in that other thread you started. I was just giving an opinion on why Greenville is chain hell- I think it's the demographics of the outlying areas and also of ECU.

                The only thing in Greenville proper that I'd seek out if I didn't live here is Sakura.

                1. re: GaKaye

                  Marabella's makes the best pizza I've found in Greenville. If you want great pizza, Chef and the Farmer in kinston has started selling pizza to go and it the best I've had in NC.

                  In New Bern, Captain Ratty's has good seafood and 247 Craven is just a good restaurant. I've only had lunch at Persimmon, but they definitely serve fresh seafood. Crabby Patty's serves some local seafood, along with some pretty mediocre food. If you pick through the menu, you can enjoy things like steamed NC clams.

                  Unfortunately for those interested in independent restaurants and local seafood, the addition of every new chain diminishes the possibility of that happening. I fully expect Greenville to host a "Hooray for Homogeny" pep rally in the near future.

        2. I ate at one in DC about 10 years ago. It was fine, nothing special, but certainly better than a lot of chains.

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          1. re: LulusMom

            Just like all restaurants, they have things that are better than others. My favorite there is the Mussels Josephine. It's an appetizer, but I generally make a meal of them along with the bread to soak up the sauce.

            I wish they had more inventive vegetable selections, but as is usual with most chains, the protein is the star and the attention to the sides is limited.

          2. Stopped by Bonefish early this evening after returning from our annual St. Martin Vacation. The food was predictable, but the service was horrible. By horrible I mean that I felt like I was expected to order, scarf down my food, and leave in thirty minutes! Having just spent three weeks enjoying leisurely French service, this was a rude awakening.

            We chose to wait to order our entree until we knew how full we would be after our app, but the server only waited until we had eaten a couple of bites to ask if we were full or if we wanted to order something else. Then, before we had half finished our entrees, she wanted to know if we had saved room for dessert. Maybe be did, but who knew until we finished eating? Since we said no, she left the check, again before we had half finished our entrees. I guess Americans expect to eat and run, but we could learn a lot from the French about how to enjoy food.....

            I don't blame the server, but what a shame....

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            1. re: GaKaye

              Do contact management about this. Once upon a time I had an acquaintance who was in charge of training for this company. We had many conversations about their training program and it was quite good.

              I've eaten at Bonefish a dozen times over the years and the service was never rushed/rude like you experienced.

              1. re: meatn3

                Thank you.....the next time we go I'll see if it's better, and if not will definitely talk to management. We did note that a number of groups arrived after we did, and left before we did. It seems that eat and run is the norm these days...

                I could understand it if it were a busy time and there were people waiting for tables (although even then, I find it inappropriate for me to be rushed from mine), but it was very early, and there were plenty of empty tables in the restaurant.

                And don't get me wrong; the server definitely didn't intend to be rude. I think she thought she was providing good service.

            2. The original comment has been removed