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Oct 7, 2012 12:18 PM

Reno - El Adobe Cafe

So many of our Latino friends have recommended this place over the last few years but we never made it there til a couple of days ago. But we won't be waiting long to return. They open at 10 so serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. They also have a patio with live music (I imagine that will wrap up as the weather changes). A really extensive menu from breakfast, apps, soups (menudo and posole caught MY eye), combo plates, etc. We got the El Adobe Birria (beef not goat). It had marinated in this deep, dark, flavorful sauce and then slow cooked. Literally fork tender. With generous helping of rice and beans, chopped onions and cilantro and a tasty guacamole. Choice of flour or corn tortillas. The Margaritas are served in heavy, glass beer mugs which I far prefer to those (IMO) silly glasses :) They also have a tequila menu. When I was talking to the owner on the way out, he encouraged me to visit their website as they have various coupons and specials.

These folks have been around for over ten years and I'm sorry we didn't find them sooner. I highly recommend.

ETA: picture is with new phone so not as good as the food actually looked :)

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  1. El Adobe Cafe has long been our "go to" sit-down Mexican place in Reno. You might try the trout special sometime....Also the albondigas are good. We like them for breakfast; great chilaquiles!

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      Thanks for the recs. Will try. We've been out of the country and I'm needing a Mexican food fix :)

    2. Were back here for lunch today and it was super. Bob had the chili relleno lunch special and I ordered (and shared and took home leftovers!) one of the daily specials of "pork a la diabla." Slow cooked pieces of pork with mushrooms (don't think I've had mushrooms in Mexican food) and onions in a wonderful, deep quite spicy sauce. I believe they said you can get it not as hot but I found it perfect. Generous servings of rice, beans and guacamole. And because we had a 25% off couple we had to spend $25 so we HAD to have Margaritas :) They remain so good. And just the right amount. We don't eat a lot of Mexican food out because we cook it quite a lot but this is definitely our fave place.

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        btw, they have a great special going on right now for football. You can eat in the bar, and if you do, and if there is a NFL game going on, margaritas and beers are all half-off. DH and I went there after he picked me up from the airport Sunday: we sat in the bar and watched football, had big bowls of soup (shrimp for him, albondigas for me...perfect for the yucky weather we've been having), and drank Negro Modelos for two bucks each. Hard to beat that.

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          VERY hard to beat. And fun too. Do they have more than one tv? Bob has to watch lots of them all at once...fantasty football :(

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            Never answered this. There are two tvs in the bar (none in the restaurant itself), often tuned to different games (although if the niners are on that's the owner's first choice; another reason to like the place:-). Now its good for March madness.....

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          A little followup. We had a lunch from these leftovers and I just fixed us an egg scramble to share for breakfast. This is a hearty serving!

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            Another followup :) We had this pork dish again and didn't have anything else. STILL have a ton of leftovers.

            There's so much good Mexican food in Reno but this remains a fave.