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Oct 7, 2012 11:50 AM

Suggestions for Halloween dining?

I'm usually pretty self-contained in doing my own research, but I've got a curve ball that some of you plugged-in SF aesthetes may be able to hit. Does anyone have a suggestion for where a non-costumed late 30s out-of-towner ought to dine solo on Halloween night that will be chow-worthy but neither a full-on costume party nor a full-on bore entirely sheltered from the spirit of the evening? I stay locally in upper Montgomery, so near-ish would be nice but location isn't my primary concern and I don't mind venturing wherever for the right spot. I spend 30-45 days a year in SF and have eaten at many of your outstanding restaurants at least once (but certainly not all - and I don't need to try someplace new to me). Bar or counter seating is a must and budget isn't really a consideration (but value always matters and please don't send me to Saison in a Maybach zipcar). Fine-dining, burgers in bowling alleys, or anything in between are all fair game as long as it conforms to the above criteria.

Left to my own devices, I was thinking about taking the opportunity to try Quince, where I've never eaten despite its proximity and the fact that I've been to Cotogna 20+ times and counting. But that would fit my definition of a "bore". Or, more pruriently on the costume-party (or lack thereof) end of the spectrum, I remember reading someplace that the Penthouse club had recruited an acclaimed chef and was going to offer real food...and a solo Halloween in SF seems like the opportune time for my once-a-decade patronage of such an establishment in the unlikely event that report was correct.

Obviously, better ideas than my own are needed. Thanks in advance for any recommendations.

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    1. re: wolfe

      I have, lol, but not in the last year. Its good (and a good idea). Thanks.

    2. So I haven't been during Halloween, so I couldn't explicitly say what the vibe would be, but I think someplace like Tacolicious may be fun -- with a fair amount of people enjoying the holiday and a fair amount not. Extending that theme - the mission area and the marina area generally will be pretty busy (perhaps a little too crazy - depending on your tolerance).

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      1. re: goldangl95

        Thanks - Tacolicious has never crossed my radar. And one of many things I love about San Francisco is that when you look at the website of a Mexican restaurant there, you find headlines that read "Three-Michelin-Star Chef Slings Tacos for Tacolicious". My kind of place...:)