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Oct 7, 2012 11:48 AM

Vinnie's-Asheville Part Two

I attended a small (5 of us)birthday party last week at Vinnie's in North Asheville
I was quite surprised to witness such a busy restaurant on a Thursday night.
I guess people are obviously excited about this place
We started the evening with appetizers consisting of Pasta Fazool and Bruschetta.
The Pasta Fazool was delicious, whole bodied and with generous amounts of ingredients. One of the better ones I've had in a long long time The Brushetta , instead of the usual ingredient of tomatoes, was made from mushrooms This dish was outstanding and was the highlight of the evening. Incredible.
Main Courses followed. " Italian garbage salad." It was filled with luscious slices of ham, Greek olives,cheese, veggies, hot peppers ... oh, all those things that make one want more - more ...
and there was stacks of it. Satisfying and healthy.
Salmon Gratella-- Salmon cooked to perfection and the spinach and mashed potatoes proved nice complements
Penne alla Vodka with pancetta, sautéed red onions and vodka cream sauce was well flavored and cooked al dente
Veal Piccata with lemon-caper butter garlic sauce was, in my opinion, a great dish and reminded me how good veal can be. So many restaurants overcook this dish - not Vinnies
The service was friendly and competent. Great Staff
Being raised in the Bronx ,and near Arthur Ave, where the best "neighborhood" Italian restaurants in New York are found Vinnie's would be in good company
This is one great eating establishment and to think we are fortunate to have Vinnie's in Asheville
I will be back again and again

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  1. We agree with your assessment across the board and have been going to Vinnie's for a few years. The Rochester, NY area has lots of what you refer to as "neighborhood" Italian restaurants and Vinnie's is the only one we've found in Asheville that matches up with the best there.

    I usually can't get past the Carbonara or the "Sunday" gravy plate but also thought that the Pasta Fazool was among the best that I've had. The only problem is I usually can't try more due to the generous portions. 1/2 price bottles of wine on Monday night and the club rewards are a bonus. Also like the reasonable prices.

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      It is interesting, I spent 8 years in Buffalo also a good Italian town

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        It's been my understanding that most of the laborers working on the expansion of the Erie Canal from 1903-1918 were recent immigrants from Italy and many of them settled along the route of the canal during or after its completion. And that's the source for all of the Italian restaurants along the canal.

        My mother grew up on a farm near a little town (Port Gibson) east of Rochester and said there was a large work camp of Italians working on the canal nearby in 1917. That was the first time she had pizza. Wow, almost 100 years ago!