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Oct 7, 2012 11:26 AM

A Cozy Restaurtant with Good but Not Spicy Food


Hoping to get some recommendations for dinner tonight in DC. My partner & I are here with her parents (from out of state) and are looking for a cozy restaurant that has good food but is not spicy or adventurous. We're foodies but my in-laws are not; they enjoy safe, traditional food that is not spicy. Something like a good, old-school Italian restaurant or good bar food that's not trendy. Expensive is fine. Atmosphere (cozy, inviting, more old school) is key.

We've got a reservation for Rasika tomorrow, which I've been to before and really enjoyed. Not sure they'll like it. Yesterday we tried Zaytinya, which we didn't really care for. We didn't think the food was very good and they hated the atmosphere, finding it too young and loud. We went to Teaism for a quick bite to eat yesterday afternoon and she found the salad too spicy.

Any suggestions for tonight (Sunday)?


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  1. Bourbon Steak. Can't miss.

    1. Terasol on upper Connecticut Avenue. Wonderful food, delightful service and feature local artisans' work

      1. 1789, Billy Martin's Tavern.
        They both have history.

        1. Le Chaumiere would be great, but not sure if they're open on Sundays. How about the Tabard Inn? It's got the charm and delicious food. Also recommend Corduroy.

          1. whoops late, but for future reference or lunch tomorrow