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Oct 7, 2012 08:52 AM

Freddy Smalls - great Saturday night place

After watching over two hours of bang bang movie, felt the need for a new place instead of staid Italian so we chose Freddy Smalls, newish pub on Pico near Barrington. Thank heaven for the valet otherwise we would park in Pacoima it was that crowded.

The buzz - very very noisy but the atmosphere was such fun, wood topped tables, bar tables and lots and lots of service - never a moment of being ignored with helpful suggestions too. Big beer menu (good for Mme Zoe who loves the Belgian stuff) - but no alcoholic beer for one member of the party who decided that ginger beer might do it (it didn't) BUT on to the eats: fried brussel sprouts in an addictive balsamic and some kind of cheese curd sauce - a great beet salad, steak tartare, my favorite and then to share a jumbo rib eye sliced on a board with scallions, potatoes and a tasty sauce, not too much. Really delicious. Loved the room too with the transam windows open to the street and we could see the city lights and the remains of the sunset - almost a New York view, almost.

Freddy Smalls,
11520 Pico near Barrington
Los Angeles

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  1. It's a nice mellow Sunday brunch place too. We were there last Sun and they are still trying to get the flow of having a Sunday brunch. But super friendly people, very relaxed and of course the food and drinks were great.

    1. Don't see the jumbo ribeye on what might be an abbreviated online menu:
      How big was it? How much? Was it a special?

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        It was $76 for the "plank" but four people shared it with the other sides and we were all satisfied - there was a heap of potatoes and scallions, sauce on top - really tasty.

      2. Anyone have any recent updates on this place? I saw this AYCE Maryland crab, tri tip thing they're doing on Sunday:

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          Your link doesn't go anywhere when one clicks on menu, it just gives me a map of where they are.

          FS is one of my husband and my favorite places to go on a date night. Delicious food, sublime cocktails, and no kids in the place, it's perfect. We haven't been in a couple weeks but I would trust anything that Charlie Parker did in the kitchen. He's a very talented and under noted chef at the moment. Never had anything to eAt or drink there that was not stellar.

          It gets crowded at prime times on prime nights (Thurs, Fri & Sat) so you may want to reserve a table if that's when you plan to go.

          1. re: Dirtywextraolives

            I get the information about the special "Backyard" BBQ on Aug. 18th when I click on the link, so appears to be working.


            "It's $45 for an all-you-can-eat menu of beer-steamed Maryland blue crab, smoked Mary's chickens, grilled tri-tip with Texas toast and chimichurri, roasted pork shoulder tacos, grilled corn on the cob with barbecue spiced butter, mixed melon and frying pepper salad, tomato panzanella, potato salad, olive oil cake with roasted Seascape strawberries and lavender cream and peach and blueberry crisp with ice cream. Drink specials also will be available. Starts at 2 p.m. Tickets can be purchased at the restaurant, by phone, or right here on Seatme!"

            1. re: Servorg

              You must have the golden touch, Servorg..... It doesn't show me any of that info, no matter what I clicked on. Thanks for copying the info.