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Oct 7, 2012 07:06 AM

Mike and Nick's Italian Sports Bar in Hockessin

M&Ns is in the old site of a series of failed Italian restaurants (as well as a Capriotti's) in Lantana Sq. Its been open about a month and is pretty busy. They've spent some money redoing the place and the bar section is big and pleasant. The dining area in back is not much different from the last owner. An outside dining (smoking?) section has been added.

Waitstaff is inexperienced though friendly. The males seem to wear whatever they want and aren't recognizable as servers, which is an annoyance.

Food is OK. We've been there a few times. Chicken dishes have been overcooked on more than one occasion. The "porkette" sandwich (a specialty...roast pork , broc.rabe and provolone) was not great. The roast pork was dry (ie overcooked) and in need of some spices. It was far from a Philly roast pork sandwich. Pastas were nice, though the sauce was a little runny on one of them. Pizza was very cheesy, perhaps too much, and the sauce was a bit sweet.

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  1. Went to Mike and Nicks' today to watch a game. The staff was lovely ... all the games were playing it was pretty fun. Sadly there is only ONE bathroom each for men and women. So while I was waiting in line for the ladies room a MAN comes out of it... LIKE women don't have to wait long enough for other women now I have to wait for men in a ladies room? Next the food left alot to be desired. I had an AHI salad and the tune steak was over cooked they graciously took it back an the next steak was still dry though not overly cooked. The calamari was very bland we added salt and pepper to "spice" it up... i guess maybe regular bar fare might be the better choice.

    1. Went to Mike and Nicks this past Saturday and did not have a good experience. Found the food to be poor. Ordered nachos as an appetizer, it was a plate of dry chips with melted cheese and lettuce. My husband had a sausage and pepper sandwich which was mediocre at best. I ordered the porkette sandwich at the waitress' suggestion (I was told its the house speciality - and "delish"). It was not even edible - I sent it back. We noticed that the table next to us was having similiar issues with their meal. Although our waitress was friendly enough, she was not very skilled in waiting tables. The staff was either standing around or running around - it seemed very disorganized. I don't think we'll be returning to Nick and Mike's anytime soon.

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        Thanks for posting...I figured with a name like Nick and Mike's it was probably not a good sign given all of the previous failings at that location (at least the previous tenants showed some creativity with the name of the place).

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          They did have a better name, but served the blandest Italian food I ever tasted. Minimal seasoning, runny sauces, overcooked pasta. Is that location jinxed? Way back there was a fairly successful place there that eventually moved to too large a space and died a slow death.