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Mar 15, 2012 04:57 AM

Scandinavian Cinnamon Buns [moved from Manhattan board]

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Hi Chowchau

My name is Johnny i am a Dane living in Sweden, i used to have a Danish restaurant in Texas, the Swedish kanelbulle u got differs a little from a Danish kanelsnegl which is what it is called in Denmark, the bread in the danish version is a flaky pastry where the swedish one is a more bready one. As to the Kanelbrød, it is a basic white bread rolled up with creamed butter, brown sugar and cinnamon smeared in the layers. it is very tasty i do however bake my own ones, if you think you wanna take this on, i can send you some recipes.

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  1. Would love a recipe. Just found this one
    Does your recipe vary from this? Do you use Flieschman's yeast?

    1. I would love the recipe please as I used to live in Denmark and used to buy this on the way to the airport everytime I flew back to the UK for a trip, my daughter and I moved back to the UK 2007 and would love to make this again....just as a funny one though my ex husband was Danish called Johnny and met him online, his handle was the great weird is that haha