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Oct 7, 2012 04:38 AM

MP Taverna

Delish meal last night at MP Taverna in Irvington. So many interesting appetizers. We split the lamb sausage, grilled octopus/chick pea salad and the crispy cod. Nice portions so we shared the grilled branzino for an entree. Service was good. Will be back!

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  1. I had an amazing meal at MP Taverna last Friday night. The food was nothing short of spectacular-- the most I've enjoyed a new restaurant in Westchester in a LONG time!

    Atmosphere/decor-- while I personally much preferred the decor of Day Boat Cafe (it's such a beautiful building and it was so open and airy and light when it was DBC), the darker and swankier colors and fabrics seem more fitting for this restaurant. There was a lively bar scene when we arrived for our 6 pm reservation. The first thing we noticed, and MRS mentioned this on another thread, is that we were the youngest people in the restaurant by about 40 years (we're 29&30). We couldn't care less, but some people may, so it bears mentioning. (By about 7 PM we were the youngest only by about 20 years. :-) The restaurant is not at all stuffy or overly formal and we were treated wonderfully.

    Service-- service was a tiny bit scattered. Our waiter brought us water and then didn't take our drink order for about 20 minutes after that since he was answering 100 questions from the gentleman at the table next to us. We also received our entree before finishing our appetizer, which I think is unacceptable. However, the waiter was extremely knowledgeable about the menu and offered vivid descriptions and spot-on recommendations.

    Food-- the food is where MP Taverna really shines. We were totally blown away by NOT ONLY the quality but also the INCREDIBLE value for prices paid. They are putting out inventive, amazingly delicious versions of classic Greek dishes at extremely reasonable prices. The trio of dips (their riffs on hummus, tzatziki, and babaghanoush) were inspired, especially the silken tzatziki, and served with an extremely generous amount of pita. Our entrees were equally incredible and we couldnt' decide which we liked better-- my Greek "paella" (lamb sausage and shellfish over orzo in a flavorful light tomato based sauce) or my husband's tender lamb shank over orzo with root vegetables. We couldn't resist dessert, so we tried their version of a brownie sundae, which came flavored with tahini and with a scoop of sesame ice cream. It was a stupendous and surprising version of this ubiquitous dessert. The food here is exciting and delicious and I will be returning often.

    Drinks: They have a VERY respectable beer list, with some rare (and pricey) finds. I enjoyed the white wine sangria.

    Bottom line is this is a must try in Westchester.

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      Sounds great--I love Greek food. Since I would go there initially with my husband only, I'm assuming that they wouldn't take reservations for 2. How crowded are they over the weekend?

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        They do take reservations for parties of 2. I made mine on OpenTable the day of. It was pretty crowded but something I forgot to mention is that the noise level is not bad considering the crowds (unlike, say, Harper's in Dobbs Ferry, which is a story for another thread!).