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Oct 6, 2012 11:13 PM

Suggestions of veg/pescatarian restuarants in Gaslamp serving after 9:30

I know you all get a lot of questions from folks coming for conventions and I've done a search already for vegetarian places on the board's threads but most of the recs have been for places outside of Gaslamp other than Jsix at the Hotel Solamar. We wouldn't have a car.

I'll be in San Diego with a vegetarian and a pescatarian (I have the good sense to eat everything) and we'll be doing dinner probably between 9-12 in the Gaslamp and need a place for under 45 a person without drinks.

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  1. Just to avoid confusion it's Gaslamp.

    I haven't been there yet, but Neighborhood is very popular, has a good number of meat and veg options, and is open until 2 am.

    There's a new spot still in soft opening called Ogawashi on 5th and C..they're stil in soft opening but open until 11. I've only gone there for sashimi and nigiri but was really impressed by the quality especially given the price. I know they have vegetarian nigiri and cut rolls, soba, and more other veg options. The design of the place is very cool as well.

    Saltbox is across the street, I've also heard very good things and they're open until $12 - easy to accommodate everyone, and the menu looks great. If you should hit right around 45 pp before tip.

    All have menus online.

    1. Oyster bar at Fish Market next to USS Midway...they have a great sushi bar and the fancier restaurant, Top of the Market is at the pedestrian resto...great patio bayfront for drinks and apps.
      Roy's is another option next to the convention center..not as good as the one in Waikiki...but will work for your price point.
      Tin Fish for fish tacos next to Petco park.
      Cab it to Bali Hai...or water taxi it over to Coronado from Gaslamp..Candelas ..Hotel Del..Sapori..Leroys Lounge.
      Dobsons for their mussel bisque is sublime or Grant grill in the US Grant hotel is lovely...happy hour.