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Oct 6, 2012 10:34 PM

Casual, inexpensive food options for a wedding in metro Vancouver (vegans and meat-lovers unite)

I am getting married next summer. Not sure about the venue yet. Possibly UBC farm, possibly Fort Langley. May retreat to community centre if all else fails.

We are having a large (150ish), casual, budget wedding with a bit of a mexican theme. I am a lapsed vegetarian who eats seafood and my fiancee is a meat-lover with a jewish family (no pig roasts but it doesn't have to be kosher). I have a fair number of vegan/vegetarian friends and there are several celiacs in the wedding party (I feel like we can probably manage this well with wheat-free versions of whatever we come up with so it's not an enormous consideration but it would be nice to have a wheat-free option). I don't want the vegetarian option to be an afterthought. It needs to be tasty tasty tasty but cheap (15/person?). I am happy with disposable plates.

Any ideas of where we can turn to for food? We were thinking about BBQ or a food cart? Mexican, Thai, Indian, Westcoast, MIddle Eastern, Vietnamese - we love them all. Burgers? Sandwiches?

Thank you so much for your suggestions!!

ETA: It's a dinner reception. We may raid Costco for cocktail hour appetizers although suggestions for that are appreciated as well.

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  1. A food cart or two might be a good idea for taste & economy - but keep in mind 1) you'll have to buy them out for an evening, not just pay for what is consumed and 2) where your reception is will affect whether someone will bring their food truck to you (or will pass the petrol cost onto you). Those suckers are expensive to transport.

    Also bear in mind the logistics of 150 people lining up at one cart to eat at the same time.

    With that in mind, I'd have a look at Street Meet - their standard menu is Italian-ish and they do have a lot of pork dishes, but the guys that own it are longtime professional chefs and could potentially draw up a special menu / make modifications for you. And they're getting known for their veggie burgers ( Their truck is enormous - so a full kitchen - and you'd be getting a more professional restaurant/catering experience than other trucks, whose owners are often not from the industry.

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      Street Meat is a great idea. That truck is jacked from a catering perspective. I can't remember all the details that I got in a brief chat with the owners but they can and do cater all manner of large events IIRC and can even do tasting menus.