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Oct 6, 2012 09:34 PM

Anyone Tried the New Ghost Pepper Burritos at Mucho Burrito?

I was in the new Mucho Burrito on Laird and noticed they have 2 (one hotter than the other) new ghost pepper (and fig I believe) burritos. Anyone tried them yet and can comment on the heat level and taste? I get my regular burritos there now and get them with lots of hot salsa and jalapenos but the new ghost pepper ones may be too much for me.

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  1. Yes! Hi? If you can't eat the habanero then you can't eat the ghost pepper burrito. It is the super hotness. Ask them too put the one pepper slice.on the side. This the meal saver.

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    1. re: Indianguy

      I can take habanero and I don't know that they use sliced ghost peppers (I think it's mixed in the fig marmalade but I'm not sure).

    2. My brother and I both tried these yesterday -- I had wimpy, my brother had hotter than hell. Mine was fairly spicy; nothing too uncomfortable, but a definitely a good amount of kick. I didn't try the hotter than hell, but my brother said it was the spiciest thing he's eaten in a long time, and he's definitely not a wimp when it comes to spice.

      As for the taste, the fig marmalade added a decent amount of sweetness that complimented the burrito fairly well, and the bacon tasted like pretty standard bacon.

      1. I just had a hotter than hell pork and god'damn that's one spicy arsed burrito!!!!
        but delicious, the fig marmalade balances out the heat with it's sweetness...
        didn't stop me from breaking a sweat though ; )

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        1. re: dannyboy

          I had the wimpy one today (first time eating ghost peppers) & found that the fig marmalade overpowered the heat of the peppers. Maybe I should have the Hotter Than Hell next time.

        2. Saw on twitter that Banh Mi Boys are experimenting with ghost peppers.. Would be awesome if they carried something on their menu but I would probably be too chicken to actually try it! :)

          1. I had ghost pepper burrito (wimpy version) with carnitas at the Leaside Village location yesterday, when burritos were 1/2 off as an opening special. As other posters found, the fig marmalade really lessens the heat. I was apprehensive ordering one of the ghost pepper offerings, but it was not too hot by any means.