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Oct 6, 2012 08:42 PM

Dayali Restaurant in Markham for Duck

Has anyone tried this place yet?
A friend of mine has informed me this is the first branch for this chain of restaurants outside China.
It seems like they are well known for Duck. I luv duck and would like the input of fellow CH before trying it out
Here is what I found in the press release.

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  1. I would say it is OK for the duck itself. Ive always preferred cantonese style of roasting duck so peking style has always tasted a bit bland to me. They have 2 versions, the more expensive kind apparently comes from bigger ducks and comes with a side condiment of additional crispy skin (from the neck area???). I honestly cant tell the difference in taste between the two kinds of ducks though. You have to pay for the condiments and the sides (the soup is GREAT)

    My family had thanksgiving lunch here and because there was a lot of us we ordered most of the menu. I particularly enjoyed the beijing style intestines and their dayali pear dessert (which is like a glutinous rice flour fried dumpling shaped like a pear and stuffed with red bean paste)

    They have 2 prices, one for people who dont have the VIP card, and another for those who bought one (20 dollars for 3 years, most dishes have a 1-2 dollar discount if you have the card).

    This place is VERY busy, so you should call at least 1-2 hours ahead to book a table. Some days they dont take reservations so you need to get a spot in line.

    1. There are a few tiers of Beijing chain restaurants specialized in duck dishes. Dayali is the more populist kind, ie more affordable and less famed. Haven't tried it in Beijing(went to the more well-known ones), but I would think there would be some difficulty to carry out the exact standards from China since the materials are so different (does anyone know where they get their ducks from?). Tried to make a reservation but they were completely booked last weekend.