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Oct 6, 2012 07:37 PM

any good spots for dessert and a nightcap?

hey 'hounders...

hubby and i go out to dinner often in the oakland/berkeley area and are always looking for good spots for dessert and coffee or drinks AFTER we've had dinner. we don't always want to stay at the same place we've had dinner, we like to experience different settings.

the other issue is finding some nice late night spots too. i was born and raise in oakland, but lived back east/down south and in chicago for a while and hubby is from atlanta and spent time in new york, and we're missing this terribly! more often than not we're finding ourselves riving aimlessly around looking for somewhere to go after a great movie or event, for a snack/tapas and drinks and engage in romantic chit chat.

can anyone help?

angela :)

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  1. i wasn't impressed when i went to flora for lunch, but have heard several people say it's good for this type of purpose....

    1. Cesar on Shattuck. It's open until midnight daily but the kitchen might close earlier.

      1. When it's after 9 or 10, we are always happy to have Barlata (on Telegraph) available. I think the kitchen is open until 11 or so on Fri + Sat, but they close at 10!!! on weekdays, not as late as we'd like, but the ambience is great and the food is reliable. They always have some nice desserts...

        4901 Telegraph Ave
        (between 49th St & 51st St)
        Oakland, CA 94609