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Oct 6, 2012 07:13 PM

Fullerton: Suggestions for a cheap room temperature dinner offering?

My husband and others are giving professional lectures to graduate students in Fullerton (5pm-9pm) next week. The student organization hosting the event is planning to serve coffee and cupcakes before the lectures. My husband thinks that isn't enough to keep the audience (~50) powered up until 9 pm. Is there a cheap, filling alternative that can be served at room temperature in a classroom?

The students have had their fill of pizza. There are many Asian students, so fried rice might work. Considering a student club budget, Costco sandwich trays come to mind. If they served alternative sandwich spreads like the Trader Joe dill-jalapeno tartar sauce, the sammies might be fine. How do you "dress up" a plain Jane sandwich tray?

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  1. You can order a bunch of sandwiches from Lee's Sandwiches for a song, and have them cut individual-sized pieces. They have Vietnamese style banh mi fillings, or American-style cold cuts and cheese type fillings. The baguettes will be a hundred times better than the turkey wraps at Costco (which is right down the street, incidentally.)

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      You are brilliant! Thank you Professor Salt!