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Oct 6, 2012 06:34 PM

Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Suggestions for weekend in NYC with teen girls?

My daughter will be turning 13 this Thursday, and I'm taking her along with her best friend to New York City for a night. We go to nyc frequently, but are looking for new dining ideas. We have tickets for Wicked at 8:00pm on Saturday, and need suggstions (Preferably Theatre District). We usually eat a John's Pizza before a show, but are open to new ideas, Maybe even a bit trendy? I want to keep the bill under $75 if possible. Good breakfast ideas too? Also lunch in the midtown area for when we arrive, and Soho/Greenwich Village the next day.

Thank you!

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  1. I don't keep current on what's trendy, but you could consider Marseille. I have to admit I haven't been there lately, but I've had a couple of brunches there and liked it very much. I don't understand your budget, though. Is that $75 for all three of you, as in $25/person? Does that include tax and tip? If so, Marseille may be too expensive (my bill there was more like $40 for salad, main, dessert, tea, tax, and tip, I think - so not very cheap), and I don't think any trendy place will be in your price range. But I can suggest Cafe Edison in the Edison Hotel for a good basic, old-fashioned New York-style breakfast or lunch (omelettes, matzo ball soup, etc.). Nothing trendy, but inexpensive, good, and patronized by locals as well as tourists. It's not open for dinner. If you like Thai food, you could go to the original Wondee Siam. It's not trendy, but it's always popular. Last time I went, I was not able to convince the waitress to have the kitchen make my food more than barely spicy, but depending on your daughter's tastes, that might not matter, and the food will still taste good, particularly if you have dishes on the so-called "Secret Thai" menu. Other possibilities are Pam's Real Thai and that new noodle place that also didn't cook things very spicy, but the food was fine (not great but good) and quite inexpensive. Other options: If you like Greek food, I recommend Dafni on 42 St. and, as a second choice, Uncle Nick's. Dafni uses better ingredients on the whole, and is just better, but if Uncle Nick's is more convenient and you like broiled fish, you'll be fine. Both should be in your price range, but check menus. Dafni used to serve ridiculously huge portions, but the last time I went, the portions were normal.

    For your Soho/Village rec, what style of food are you thinking of? Maybe you'd like some Neapolitan-style pizza at Keste? What else would interest you?

    1. Near Wicked -- Saigon 48 on 48th Street. You get a lot of food for the money. I recommend grilled beef, chicken and shrimp over rice noodle.
      Breakfast -- Amy's Bread on 9th Avenue in the 40s. A great selection of breakfast items in a combination working bakery and cafe, with a window looking into the working bakery as you enjoy your breakfast.
      Soho/Greenwich Village -- too many places to choose from. Dublin6 on Hudson Street gives you the option of sitting outside or with a view of life passing in front of you, while still enjoying good food. North Square (may not be current name) on the edge of Washington Square Park for the food. Peep in Soho (Spring Street or Prince Street?) for decent Thai food in an interesting setting (including one-way mirrors in the bathrooms, so you see what is going on in the restaurant while you are in the bathroom).

      1. Check out Ellen's Stardust Diner on 51st and Broadway. I always take my teenage kids there, when we are in town. Open for 7 A.M. to Midnight. All the waitstaff sing show tunes ( they all are trying to get to Broadway & and many have).. The food is better than average, but the main attraction is the staff. And the prices are very reasonable.

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          Toloache right next to the Gershwin has solid Mexican. Depending on your appetite it may or may not fit your budget (but at least the teens won't be drinking). Don Antonio a block away has Neapolitan pizzas which I quite enjoy. Totto Ramen on 52nd between 8th and 9th is my favourite ramen joint in the city, but the wait might be ridiculous. I'd do that for lunch (either go at 11:30 to get a table for their opening at noon, or go at 1:45 - 2:00 when the crowd is sparse). Shake Shack is a bit of a walk but definitely fits the budget.

          Danji would be an interesting lunch option as well (modern Korean, if you will). A 30-second walk from Totto.

          Oh and Yakitori Totto has great lunch specials, imho. 55th between Broadway and 8th.

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          Don Antonio -
          Totto Ramen -
          Shake Shack -
          Danji -
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