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Oct 6, 2012 06:18 PM

Kitchen Torches, Do You Have One, And Do You Love It?

I love mine more and more every time I find new use for it. I originally bought it to char sous vide steaks, and yeah, okay, for creme brulee, and crispy bananas too. But I have found it is sooooooo much easier to peel a tomato when I blister the skin than it is to boil a pot of water to sweat the skins off. Well, maybe if I need to peel more than a couple of tomatoes I'd boil water... And since my stove is electric, it makes charring chiles for chile rellenos a breeze! Yesterday I bought some peaches. FANTASTIC to torch them and peel them. And unlike tomatoes, the skin blows up in a big blister and I made the blister grow all the way around one peach. You're right! I never listened to my mother when she told me not to play with my food. '-) Oh, yeah... In a pinch, I can also silver solder with my kitchen torch. So what do you do with yours?

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    Since you already have a butane hotplate, I'd suggest finding the Iwatana torch that uses the same canisters.

    1. I use a standard big Bernz-A-Matic torch.

      1. I finally bought one last weekend from Bed/Bath. Works well. Great for Creme Brulee (obviously).

        1. also have the non-sexy but more useful benzomatic:

          Fuel cylinders are around $5