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Oct 6, 2012 05:36 PM

Tuesday lunch in Covent Garden or South Bank.


I'm looking for a casual, comfy vibey lunch spot in either of these two areas. Good food, not too loud, a place where one can have a good catch-up conversation... Nothing too touristy, although I do realize it's Covent Garden.
And not too expensive - alas I can't give a dollar/pound amount, because I'm not sure what the average cost of lunch is in London anymore, but I'm not looking for Michelin star.

Oh, and I think one of my lunch partners might be vegetarian, so something with a few non-carnivorous options would be good...

I'll have eaten at Opera Tavern the night before, so not that spot :).

Thanks for any advice!


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  1. Here's a list of CG restaurants. I think Cote is not a bad choice for your requirements. The food is OK and it's not too expensive. I was only there once, and I'm not sure just how quiet it is.

    1. In Covent Garden at a reasonably price I would choose between Polpo Covent Garden (Italian small plates), Terroirs (superb wines and charcuterie) and Mishkins (riff on a NY Jewish deli so maybe not if you're coming from NYC). There is also 10 Cases as well which I've not visited but has had pleasant, although not stunning, reviews.

      There is also Les Deux Salons which is a beautiful room and at lunchtime does a great value set menu.

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        This person wants something not too loud, so I didn't suggest Deux Salons. I found the acoustics there when full really very bad, but the food might be worth the surrounding chatter.

        1. re: zuriga1

          Yes I suppose that's right - although last time I went we were seated on the raised area at the back of the restaurant which wasn't too loud. I think if you asked when booking for an upstairs or quiet table they might oblige.

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            Thanks! Great suggestions. I've passed them onto the friends I'm meeting and letting them make the final decision, since they're the locals. And if we don't meet at Terroirs due to being too meat-centric, I might try pop in there with my husband. I'm a sucker for a superb wine.