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Anyone familiar with Marshalls Creek Spices in Oceanside?

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LivingSocial is doing a $15 for $30 deal right now and I was wondering how they compare quality wise with Penzeys and other online vendors?

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  1. Wow, no one huh?

    Suppose that's why they're needing to offer 50% off coupons!

    Think I'll give it a shot and report back. Their amazon shop reviews are quite positive overall.

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      I've seen them at a few of the farmer's markets (Christopher Morley, Garden City)... they bring a truck the side of which opens up. Looks like they only have big (restaurant-sized?) containers--I won't buy that as a matter of principal because there's no way I could use a quarter of it before it goes stale. At least, that's what they have in the truck; I don't know if they have smaller in the store.

      The prices are really cheap--two of those big containers for $8. That's cheap enough to concern me about the quality.

      BTW, Penzey's has a store in Carle Place (213-A Glen Cove Rd--east side of road in the TJ Maxx parking lot). You referred to them in a sentence with "other online vendors" so I wasn't sure if you knew they had a local store, too.

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        Definitely going to be heading to Penzeys in Carle place which is why I singled them out in particular. (though I see how that wasn't clear in how I phrased my question)

        Thanks so much for the feedback. At 50% off I'll probably take a chance anyway and focus on the things that I use heavily enough to warrant the larger sizes.