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Oct 6, 2012 04:25 PM

Ground beef

I just saw a package of 80/20 ground beef at Kroger. The label says it has "added flavorings" in it. What kind of added flavorings can they add to ground beef? Not a single "butcher" could tell me what it is. They did say that there was no "pink slime" in it, though.

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  1. Eeew. I have no answers for you but want to join this post to find out what people awswer. Thanks.

    1. My guess would be beef broth.

      1. Wonder if that's some kind of chemical like sodium nitrate. I personally wouldn't buy it.

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          Wouldn't be flavor to that.

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            I've actually heard people use it and call it a "flavoring."

        2. Kroger might *state* that they're not using pink slime, but a post on Facebook from March 13th of this year disputes that claim. Haven't seen it refuted yet:

          "Kroger is the nation's largest traditional grocer and they originally told ABC News that they did NOT use pink slime in their ground beef. Within a few days, they were responding to facebook inquiries with a non-answer, lawyer rhetoric that basically claimed all their beef was USDA approved and met federal guidelines. They've since admitted that they DO use pink slime in their products and are advising which products you should buy if you choose to avoid it. They refuse to make a public statement on their front wall. Please consider leaving them a comment on this issue and pressure them to make changes! We have a retailer on the defensive, but we need to get loud and fight them NOW before the story dies down again.

          “We do not use finely textured beef in our fresh ground beef. … We are routinely presented the finely textured beef as an option, but have always refused.” -- Kroger response to ABC News

          "The ground beef you find at your local Kroger has been purchased from USDA-approved suppliers who are required to follow all federal guidelines during the production of ground beef to ensure food safety and quality." -- Kroger facebook response given until yesterday.

          "Kroger carries ground beef both with and without lean finely textured beef. For customers who choose to avoid it, we offer a variety of options including Kroger’s Private Selection Angus Ground Chuck, Round and Sirloin; Private Selection All Natural Ground Beef and Private Selection Organic Ground Beef solid in 1 lb. packages, labeled 80% lean and above; Laura’s Lean Ground Beef; and ground beef prepared in store. All ground beef you find at your local Kroger is USDA-regulated, inspected and approved for food safety and quality. That includes beef products made with lean finely textured beef." -- New Kroger facebook response being posted as of 3/12/12."

          And someone also posted in March the following: " Kroger customers were also complaining a while back about Kroger adding "flavorings" to their ground beef. I guess we know now why they have to "flavor" it. It's not really beef at all -- it's finely mashed connective tissues washed in ammonia with beef "flavorings" added."

          In addition, some other links about the "added flavorings":

          So I guess it depends on which type of ground beef you purchased.

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            A friend in the business told me ground beef is also being imported.I don't know if he was talking about a finished product, coarse ground which is then mixed and ground again or meat scraps for grinding. I will have to ask next time I see him. Either way, I was finished with supermarket beef a long time ago,

          2. IMHO, If it was a high quality product, it would stand on its own and need nothing added.