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Oct 6, 2012 02:27 PM

Kitchen-Aid Mixer at Auction - baking recipe recommendations?

A friend just got a terrific old Kitchen Aid mixer at an auction. Five qt. w lift bowl, made when KA was still owned by Hobart. (Yes, she's pleased; yes, I'm green.) So she's making a leap from simple hand mixer to KA's power and volume.

Any favorite recipe recommendations that take advantage of the KA;s power and volume? Yeast doughs included as well.

You don't have to detail the recipe - just a name and description and we'll find them. Thanks !

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  1. Any recipe that starts with creamed butter and sugar, then eggs added, will be so much better with the KA. The light and fluff it can create is so amazing--and you can be doing something else and not even watch it!

    1. I've found more a matter of it just being a superior tool -- kind of like a guy getting the Binford 2000 instead of making do with something he bought at a KMart Blue Light special.

      (and yes, I realize how old both of those references make me look.... :/ )

      1. Try homemade marshmallows, so easy but I would never make them without a stand mixer.
        One of the cookie recipes from the Milk cookbook, confetti are my favourite.
        Maybe a pavlova, she can use the stand mixer for the meringue and then again for the whipped cream.

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          do be careful - the first time you make meringue or whipped cream in a KA, it'll go so fast it'll knock your socks off!

        2. While the kitchen aid excels at rapidly whipping cream or egg whites, thus making it the ideal tool for cakes, a sturdy batter that one wouldn't wish to make by hand is a great use of the KA. I make these Capuccino Biscotti every Christmas, the batter is very very stiff and comes together in seconds in the KA. The only reason I relegate them to Christmas is that they are too good to have around the rest of the year! Here's what Joyofbaking has to say about them, and a link to the recipe:

          "Cappuccino Biscotti opened my eyes to the possibility of flavors you could have in a biscotti. Before this recipe, I had only tasted almond biscotti, yet here was a biscotti that combined the flavors of coffee, chocolate, and hazelnuts. And if that weren't enough, they were also scented with ground cinnamon and cloves whose warm aromas filled the kitchen while they baked. I particularly liked the bold and spicy taste of the ground cloves which pairs so well with chocolate.

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          1. re: janniecooks

            jannie, love the link, love the looks of the recipe, love that my ruby red KA will have a new task, love that I have a new Christmas cookie recipe addition.
            Thank you

            1. re: iL Divo

              You're very welcome! I first discovered these biscotti in a Carol Field-authored article in the December 1992 issue of Gourmet, and have been making these cookies ever since (and a couple other biscotti from the article).

          2. Major difference l have found is in the works, all metal, both interior and the extra tools, e.g, the meat grinder. Hope they got attachments as well. Mine is from the 60's and still going strong.
            Rye bread using dough hook, makes it easy.