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Oct 6, 2012 02:05 PM

Creperie Bechamel in Wayne

Just drove by that place today. A search on this board uncovered nothing. Anyone have any views?

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  1. I tried to go today after I got my hair cut two doors down. Sadly, they are closed on Mondays. My hairdresser likes it and had particularly recommended a savory crepe with goat cheese and vegetables.

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      I have not been. Below is a link to a piece in the Radnor patch about the restaurant opening. It appears to only have been open for three months. According to the article, one of the owners is culinary school trained. They described the menu, which spoke of both sweet and savory crepes, and mentioned they have buckwheat which they are touting as gluten free, though they do not call them galette or galette Bretonne which is what I would have expected.

    2. We're regulars there. It's a very small place so try going on off times (or call ahead and order to go). They have a small staff, mostly run by the owners. That's probably why they are closed on Mondays. The owners are VERY nice and explain everything to you. The food savory and sweet are delicious and is one of my favorite restaurants. It's cool to watch your crepe being prepared in front of you. Check out their daily specials. I seriously can say that I have ordered many different things from breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert and have never been disappointed. They are pricy, but that's because they use only fresh ingredients and make everything by scratch. Meal for 3 (3 beverages, no dessert) was I think 32.00. Well worth it!