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Oct 6, 2012 01:46 PM

Lavagna - Pesto i Dintorni Festival October 6-7 2012

We are leaving Chiavari tomorrow but just saw the posters this pm for this year's pesto festival in Lavagna - maybe will have time to drop by for a look Sunday am before heading out.! Not much publicity this year, I think

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  1. I have tasted really exquisite olive oil there in previous years. Hope it fits into your plans.

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      we had to rush through and were trying not to taste to much due to our lunch plan at La Brinca (more later) - I did taste some pestos but frankly there was little to distinguish between them beside degrees of saltiness - understandable since the formuia is to some degree canonical. Im hoping to try some oils at EVO here in Genova. So little time

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        Your posts have made me realize that Lavagna's pesto feste is probably routinely timed to coincide with the Salone Nautico, on the premise that people can't spend all day looking at zillion dollar yachts (which Lavagna makes in its miles of docks). I'll be better prepared next time.

        I was surprised when I visited one year that there is such a thing as a tasty jar of pesto. A few of the small vendors had samples of their jarred pesto -- an item which is usually incredibly awful -- and this was a far different animal. But it was the oils that were greatly interesting to go around tasting, some made probably within walking distance of Lavanga's center.

        Looking forward to hearing how you fared overall.

        1. re: barberinibee

          It was a nice little regional food festival, with fairly moderate attendance (judging at 11 am on Sunday) and classes on how to make pesto. I didnt see anybody who looked like they were off a yacht - and have seen only a handful through my visit. so far.

          I tasted 4 samples of jarred pesto and it tasted pretty good - but really no different from my own homemade. The mortar made pesto at La Brinca was more interesting than these, but not a world apart.

          1. re: jen kalb

            Hope you have gotten at least some very good pesto. I enjoy Nonna Nina's, but like it best when they put it inside ravioli, not on top of trofie. Hope something at La Brinca was a world apart, because it is not easy to get there. I've been in Ne, and it feels like a world apart.

            I'm not sure who goes to the Salone Nautico. Salesmen, I think, not the people who buy them.