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Oct 6, 2012 01:21 PM

Heritage Breed Turkeys in Austin

I know this subject has come up during previous Octobers and Novembers, but I wondered if anyone who got heritage turkeys for last year's Thanksgiving or Christmas would have new experiences to share. Where's the best place to buy one? Central Market? Greenling? Straight from the farm? How early do I need to reserve/shop to be sure and get one? How was your experience cooking/eating it?


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  1. I got one "from the farm" and it was awesome. It cost like $70, but in the context of all the other $ you're spending, it is worth it.

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      which farm? how big? how did you cook it? how awesome? I ask these questions only as a hound with respect for you, Rudeboy, and a thirst for an awesome bird,,,,

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          Yeah - Richardson farms. Last year, they were out at the Burnet Rd Farmer's market, and bought it a few weeks early and they brought mine there the day before thanksgiving. I think that the Farmer's market downsized, so you might call to see where/when they will be in town.

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            Thank you for the confirming the RF lead....if I can big was this $70 bird? 12? 22?

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              You know, I can't exactly remember. It wasn't huge, but it wasn't tiny. I know that might not be incredible healtpful. It seemed like it would feed about 10 people pretty well. The legs and breasts weren't "supersized" like a butterball. The meat was very flavorful. Now that I thin about it, the first thing that comes to mind is between 14 and 15 pounds.

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                Thanks rudeboy - this is helpful!

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                You can estimate the weight by dividing $70 by the price per pound quoted on their website.

      1. One local source is Richardson Farms ( They claim to have pasture-raised turkeys, both the standard, white, large-breasted ones and one other breed whose specifics I do not recall. [see their website]

        They sell at both the Republic Square and Triangle Markets to my knowledge; perhaps at others as well. I've bought pork from them but, as yet, no turkey.

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            There is a great website called that has a great many organic and local products. I know they just started taking pre orders for turkeys, but they are WAY too rich for my blood. Check them out though, they're pretty cool.