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Oct 6, 2012 12:03 PM

For those that Follow Demeyere - Apollo not offered in USA

Just went onto the main site, and the Apollo is being made.
Is this ~us~ importer not importing this - hence no Apollo ?

Just noticed that the Apollo series is not offered in the US no more.
Curious on why....

I have a fair mix of their Atlantis line. I do have some larger pieces in the Apollo line as well....

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  1. I spoke with the US representative, who told me that the line was "discontinued." I did not ask if it was truly discontinued, or if they chose to no longer sell it here.

    I am highly displeased.

    1. Uggh. Calling Demeyere USA - Zwillings is the most painful chore ever.
      Can't reach a knowledgeable rep on the product - and when you ask to speak to someone who is, they just take your # down. All they do is answer questions out of brochures....that in which I can do easily myself