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Oct 6, 2012 10:01 AM

What's the best place for breakfast around Warwick RI

New to area and still looking for good breakfast restaurant. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Depends on what you want - upscale setting or excellent quality (does not usually correlate).

    For a nice setting with very good, although somewhat pricey / larger portions, T's in either Cranston or East Greenwich is quite good.

    For the best basic omelets, simple eggs & potatoes or french toast with excellent coffee (Richard Allan) at a decent price, Ed's Roost in East Greenwich is highly recommended if you don't mind the setting.

    For the best waffles and excellent coffee (again, Richard Allan), Buttonwoods Fish and Chips is highly recommended (pancakes & egg dishes are nothing special)

    If pancakes are your choice, it'll have to be a trip to Modern Diner in Pawtucket - best anywhere, but you may need to bring your own maple syrup if you deviate from their specials (best choices Fri-Sun).

    At one time, Jiggers in East Greenwich made excellent johnny cakes and pancakes available with real maple syrup, but they went downhill significantly in their previous two ownerships. They just reopened this month, so I can't comment on the new ownership.

    Have not been particularly pleased with Besos (high priced, fair quality waffles), Audra's, Breakfast Nook, Miss Cranston (Cranston or West Warwick) nor Scramblers - nothing special.

    For a low cost, basic eggs, potatoes, toast and coffee, Wein-o-rama In Cranston is hard to beat.

    I've found Beacon Diner is low priced / minimal quality and Snoopy's diner to be a bit pricey for mediocre quality. Papa Joes Recipes might be OK for a basic breakfast (had an excellent frittata there at one time, but the converted strip-mall, pizza parlor setting is a turn off for me).

    With all the good breakfast places in the area, not sure why anyone would ever consider Cracker Barrel nor Denny's, but both seem to pack them in.

    1. TEEs in East Greenich is a really great value for the money in terms of food AND servIce. There is a Cramston location also. They serve breakfast and lunch, and brunch only on Sundays...check out the menu on their website.

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        T's is decent, but my problem with them is the portions tend to be too large. Great place with business clients or a ladies brunch bunch (nice setting), but don't expect to get in / out fast. $10-12 / person tends to be a bit more than I typically want to pay for breakfast (too much food - especially if eaten early) unless it's a brunch.

        Don't expect much with their "home fries". They have been a frozen potato product whenever I've been there and their baked apples seemed be microwaved out of a can. Otherwise, it can be decent, although most everything (except perhaps the setting) can be found better elsewhere..

        1. re: Clams047

          They serve the worst home fries on planet earth. Have never seen over light eggs quite served that way.

          1. re: Frank Terranova

            I disagree with both of you...there are reasons T' is always so busy. Their home fries are the worst on Planet Earth? Really? Even worser than the ones at the fast food places? Even worser my friend Judy's? I have NEVER had a problem consuming more of them than I should, thereby negating all the be edits of a five mile run prior two hours prior to lunch, nor has anybody in my family. Mr TEE (of the restaurants, not Frank T), if you are reading this, please know that youARE loved.

            1. re: AikiLou

              Yep - They get my vote as well for the worst on the planet. Other items are decent, but do avoid their "home fries" - they rank right down there a step below FF tater tots.

              IMO, the reason they are always busy is their setting - food quality is decent, but not exceptional (well, the home fries are exceptional - exceptionally bad).

              Most breakfast places in the area tend to be diner-like. Perhaps that's why Denny's & Cracker Barrel are also typically quite busy. At T's, it really comes down to setting vs. quality. T's clientele tend to be primarily lady groups who would not feel comfortable in a diner setting.

              Again, decent quality - not the best, but generally better than the worst. However, I doubt they'd stay in business if it wasn't for their setting.

              1. re: Clams047

                Again, I must take exception...on any given Sunday morning/afternoon, there are many, many families, not groups of ladies that are more comfortable lunching there...I do not know how old you are, but, speaking from the viewpoint of active gym rat, runner, third black and trains three times a week in Aikido, sixty-eight year old, if I were going out for a "ladies" lunch or brunch on a Sunday, it would be Waterman Grille, Besos, The Moorings, Inn at Castle Hill, or some such similar restaurant. For a large family group with children, T's is THE exact right place. Also, I am a "back up with facts" person when it comes to assertions, so name for me, please at least four other places on the PLANET, not just in Rhode Island which make T's home fries the WORST on the planet.

                1. re: AikiLou

                  I guess people love deep fried sodium laced peppery potatoes. that shows a lack of kitchen organization and simple cooking skills. I cant name 4 other places for simple eggs or home fries which are as bad as T's/ Yes their places are nice, they are clean, Lots of foo foo on pancakes who the hell does apples get on a plate which I say and looked like canned apple pie apples. How hard is it to saute potaroes with a little bacon fat and some charred onions.

                  1. re: AikiLou

                    With the exception of perhaps Besos, you mention some very nice places to "dine" for breakfast / brunch. (Recently had a waffle at Besos that was way over priced with low quality with an extreme lack of fruit for the price - NOT a place I'd trust breakfast, unless cost is of no concern and quality is not of high importance. Nice place for a leisurely lady's tea, but NOT a place for a quality breakfast).

                    It really comes down to what the OP wants - quick basic, quality breakfast or a leisurely breakfast served on china with with extensive service & white linen tablecloths. If that's their preference, perhaps they need to drive down to the Ocean House for an exceptional breakfast.

                    Personally, I wouldn't consider taking a family (children) to any of the places you mentioned. There would be so much wasted food considering the large portions at T's and I'm not sure they would deal well with the leisurely progression.

                    As for the home fries challenge, I'm not aware of any place other than chains that would even consider serving frozen potato products as "home fries" and certainly not at the price T's charges for their egg dishes. T's home fries rank right down there with the fried breakfast potato products served at the fast food places (but worse considering the price and what you'd expect from a place such as T's). Even Waffle House serve a superior breakfast potato vs, T's.

                    As for a breakfast with children, although I've not been there since they reopened to comment on their quality, I suspect they'd much prefer being down the road at Jiggers.
                    As for a far superior omelet and home fries, I'd much rather go to Ed's Roost, although neither is probably an acceptable setting for a group of ladies wanting to talk over breakfast..

                    As for the poor waffle I recently had at Besos, I much more preferred an exceptional order of french toast I recently had across the street at Ed's Roost where I included a side of fresh fruit - the plumpest, most flavorful blueberries & strawberries with an excellent sliced banana I've ever enjoyed. The berries represented the best I've found at Shartners. (Ed's roost also serves my favorite coffee - Richard Allen). Only downside is that I have to carry in my own real maple syrup. Again, however, it's likely not a place (setting) for the ladies to meet over breakfast.

                    1. re: Clams047

                      THE best breakfast in RI is at Spoonem's on Broad St. in Cranston. Maybe pricey at $10 for a special plate but just the best. My fave is the jonny cake and ham: it has melted cheese on top and will keep you full till the day after tomorrow. Regular bacon and eggs available too, but the creative house specials are the NUTS.

                      1. re: Banjar

                        Spoonem's isn't bad, although I've only been there once. I like the Sunrise Cafe on West Shore Rd. they have a large assortment of omlets to choose from. They also have a few different versions of hash that they make, and, they home fries aren't previously frozen.

        2. In Warwick my favorite is Sunrise cafe on West Shore Road, I go and get the steak tips on the weekends and my wife loves the flannel hash (made with beets). On the greasy spoon side of things Sunnyside across Vets high school is decent if you can overlook some sanitation issues (although they do seem to be getting a bit better); I actually crave the fake-buttery homefries there. We used to like Jiggers in EG, I love Johnny cakes, but the opn/closed/open/closed rollercoaster has turned us off. T's is good, a bit pricey, but the homefries are unanimous -1 the worst ever......I usually end up getting lunch everytime we go there.

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            I love T's small omelet with a side of yogourt and fresh fruit. I already know I make the best homefries in my own kitchen.