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Oct 6, 2012 09:15 AM

Riedel to develop range of tea glasses . . . .

Yeah, it's not wine but there is no dedicated coffee-and-tea forum, and most -- if not all of us -- know Riedel, so . . . .



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  1. Very interesting. The only downside, if they did make a line of tea glasses, is that glass (or perhaps lead crystal) loses heat faster than other materials. Nevertheless, maybe I'll try my Darjeeling in a cabernet glass.

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    1. re: Klunco

      As a longtime tea aficionado, I must say I don't get it. Tea has a well-developed history of what vessels work; glass is only favored in some middle-Eastern regions and maybe Russia. People focused on high-end oolongs and puerhs will favor small cups (even down to 1 or 2 oz.) and small brewing vessels, too.

      I'd think the big glasses would cool the tea too quickly.

      1. re: comestible

        Or maybe the objective is a range of glasses as they've done with wine: a shui xian glass, a high-mountain oolong glass, a first-flush Darjeeling glass... :-D

        OK, I admit I'm having too much fun with this...

        1. re: comestible

          I've yet to find the perfect drinking vessel for the mega glasses of spicy Chai favoured here @ Casa Salmon maybe this will work.

    2. Jason,

      Are these better suited to Food Media and News?