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Oct 6, 2012 07:34 AM

Anyone using different *cookware* to keep a cleaner kitchen.....

I've been prone to using a 6 Qt Deep Saute in order to keep minimal splatter from searing, etc.
A little bit more harder to work with due to straight sides, or liquids not evaporating as quicker........but in order to save my santity on a cleaner kitchen, less splatter on the stovetop - and more time with the kids versus cleaning Sunday tasks...

Can't I just have a kitchen that self cleans the stovertop. I can easily clean the countertops and chuck the hood grates in the DW.

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  1. Hey Chef, Have you ever tried using a splatter screen to keep the place cleaner? I always use one for browning meat or doing similar things.


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    1. re: junescook

      Oh splatter screens are a wonderful invention!

    2. Tried/own one. Can't think of the name. Cusipro maybe. It was better but I can't recall why I stopped using it.

      Just dug it out.
      It's a Amco one. Regular mesh style. I suppose it's just *warped* as it sits flat on the 2 opposing sides, but not on the other. It catches ~some~ of the overspray but more comes out than getting caught...

      I suppose the non mesh ones might have more *weight* so it sits heavier ontop....

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      1. re: chefwong

        Actually I'm using the Oxo one now. I think they're all better than not.