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Oct 6, 2012 07:26 AM

Two days in London - Dining suggestions (Chinese, Vegetarian, other must try's)

Hi friends,

My family is visiting London for the weekend and staying near the Lancaster Gate tube station in Bayswater Road.

They are looking for a good Chinese restaurant, preferably one with some vegetarian options, and not over the top in term of price, but not a take away either. Something mid/upper mid range.

Also, looking for a great Japanese restaurant, and any other MUST TRY's (ANY CUISINE) as long as their are Vegetarian options available.

We don't mind if the suggestions are a short/medium taxi ride away.

Looking forward to your suggestions,


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  1. Itadaki Zen for elegant Japanese vegetarian cooking, near King's Cross.

    Mid-range Chinese cuisines, I like:

    Cantonese - Princess Garden (Mayfair)
    Hunan - Yipin (Islington), Golden Day (Chinatown), Bar Shu (Soho)
    Sichuan - No. 10 (Earl's Court), Empress of Sichuan (Chinatown) -- hope these two are still good, haven't been in a while
    Shanghainese - River Melody (Chinatown)

    Min Jiang in Kensington serves a mixture of cuisines dominated by Cantonese; worth getting the Peking duck.

    Might also be worth trying Mandarin Kitchen in Bayswater (I haven't been but hear of good things) and Pearl Liang (caveat: great dim sum, haven't had dinner yet).

    Lebanese falls into the MUST TRY category, especially if you're staying in west london. Alwaha in Westbourne Grove, plenty of vegetarian mezze. Chez Marcelle is another possibility.

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      Chez Marcelle is excellent, but I would only recommend going for a Friday lunch. Saying that, it's a one woman operation and her veg items are fantastic. All in all it would be an excellent match so long as you can spare a Friday (or Saturday? Double check her lunch hours. Don't go there for dinner as she gets overwhelmed easily.) Quite a bit written about that on here.

      You're not insanely far from Indian Zing which has an extensive range of Marathi vegetarian dishes. There's a big trip report on this place, but much of what was eaten was ordered specifically (in advance) for that meal.

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        Tried Golden Day for a quick dinner pre-theatre (saw Private Lives which was great).

        Cold spicy sliced beef was delicious. I presume shin meat, one row all meat, the other tendon/fat. Really flavourful.

        Spicy chicken, very very spicy. Bone-in and very tasty, even with almost overwhelming heat.

        Would definitely go back to try a few more dishes.

      2. Thanks for all the recommendations. We went to Mr. Kong on Lisle Street, Chinatown. It was crowded, and reasonable value for money.

        I would try it again, as our group had limited dietary preferences, so we could not order many of the dishes.

        Service was efficient.


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          Mr Kong's has been there for donkeys years. Must be +20 years when I first visited (although not been in the last couple). Always reliable Cantonese.

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            Out of curiosity, what did you get and what dishes did you like? Thanks!

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              Hi guys,

              I will gladly share our menu, but please keep in mind, the diners have a limited palate, so we must have ordered a very boring menu.

              Vegetarian Spring Rolls - Rating 2.5 on 5
              Crispy Seaweed - Rating 4 on 5..very good
              Sweet Corn Crabmeat Soup - Rating 4 on 5...very good
              Sweet Corn Chicken Soup - Rating 4 on 5 - very good
              1 Coke
              1 Diet Coke
              Chinese Greens with Garlic (Entree) - 4 on 5 - very good
              Vegetable Fried Rice - 4.5 on 5 - flavorful, light, very good
              Tofu with mixed vegetables - 3.5 on 5 - I did not try it but hear the Tofu was not that great
              Mushrooms with Crabmeat - 4 on 5 - almost very good, I did not try it but it was good, no complaints

              Total bill 60 pounds. No alcohol.

              There was a wait of about 20 mins when we went there, and it is a tight squeeze. However, the service was great, no errors in the order, efficient. I would definitely go back again.


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                Thanks, that's good to know. BTW, for future reference, klyeoh has posted a link to the vegetarian menu at Mr Kong's here: which includes various mock meats made with gluten or soy bean products.

                1. re: desidude

                  You omitted a rating on the soft-drinks!

                  Coke -- 5 out of 5 -- Classic taste
                  Diet Coke -- 1 out of 5 -- An unfortunate aberration, though perhaps better than going thirsty.

                  I'd never even considered going to Mr. Kong's, but I've heard their crispy duck is amazing, and Mrs. Brokentelephone is mad about crispy duck.

            2. Hi friends,

              Thanks for your help and replies. I was wondering if you would recommend any Japanese, that has both vegetarian and of course meat & seafood.

              We are located near the Lancaster Gate tube on Bayswater Rd. however do not mind travelling a bit.

              Looking for something that is open on Sunday night, and is great food and good value for money.

              Any suggestions please?


              1. a must for every visit to London is having tea or a pub crawl