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Oct 6, 2012 06:59 AM

Hamada-Ya Onion Cheese Bread @ Mitsuwa Last Night

After having my shrimp bowl at Hannosuke (while there was no line when I ordered it took about 15 minutes to actually get my order because of all the folks who had orders in before I walked up) we strolled over to the market and picked up a loaf of onion cheese bread from Hamada-Ya. It's got a blue label and it's sliced.

Man is this stuff addicting (and probably really, really healthy for me too - NOT). We also got some dessert crepes to go from this Tokyo based crepe place that had a temporary booth set up in the entrance way inside. I think the English name was Marion. Pretty good, but not life changing enough to go sprinting back.

My diet (such as it is) took a beating last night and this morning (this morning it was thrashed based on two slices of toasted onion cheese bread with peanut butter).

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  1. With all the road miles you clock in, you've earned your bread... Hamada-ya does very good riffs on Japanese-style breads and pastries. I think the coffee counter by the food court is also Hamada-ya. I wish it would offer the range of goodies like the dedicated Hamada-ya bread counter in the Torrance Mitsuya. It's always amazingly fresh and I'm guessing there's usually about two dozen small bread and pastry choices along with about six to a dozen more loaf-bread items as well. The last "loaded" bread loaf I got there was kinda like monkey bread but loaded with blueberry preserves and orbs of cream cheese. Talk about blowing one's diet...

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      I was in Mitsuwa on Centinela last night and also tried a Marion crepe. Like Servorg it was I found it fine, but not something to hanker for again right away. Seems they were there last year briefly.
      Apparently they opened October 4th and will be there until November 4th.

    2. The onion cheese bread is soooo good. The Torrance one carries it regularly. I don't know why it would be unhealthy unless you're anti-carbs. I've had terrible luck with the Mochi bread though, sometimes it's like really stale and hard.

      Marion Crepes... not so good. Was disappointed when they came by, didn't think they were that much different than say, Genki Living.

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        I only figure it's got to be bad for you because nothing that tastes that good can possibly not be bad for you...I may be kidding, but I'm not sure. ;-D>

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          you can tell that it's pretty bad from all the oil that's left on your hands, plate, napkins, etc. good stuffs tho :)

      2. Is Hamada-ya the "in-house" bakery at the Torrance MItsuwa? I LOVE that place! And I actually think there's a significant difference btw getting it (whatever pastry you like) at Torrance vs. getting it at the Centinela one.

        I think I've had the onion cheese bread, and also found it quite addicting. I also really like the chocolate chip muffins. =)

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        1. re: ilysla

          If I'm ever down south at the Torrance location I'll definitely have to pick some up there. If it's demonstrably better than what we get from the Centinela location then I'll have to go into a 12 step program at that point for my out of control addiction...

          As to the chocolate chip muffins. My wife likes them, but I'm not so much of a fan. I like more chips and a more powerful "chocolate" taste than they deliver. My wife likes them because they aren't so overwhelmingly sweet and chocolaty.