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Oct 6, 2012 06:55 AM

Macchialina SOBE is really good

I have been eating here regularly and really enjoy the place. They have a great happy hour pizza beer and oyster special that runs till 8pm and I believe this is 7 days a week.

Here is the stuff I like the best:

Bread with fontina fondue - when I first tried it soon after they opened this was not my favorite, but now this dish is great.

Strombolis - flavors rotate, any type they make is very good

Polenta - rivals scarpetta's for the best in town

Pizza - I had the pizza when they just opened a few times and thought it improved every time but was not great. I recently had their margherita pizza again and thought it was great and will be something I order regularly. Great sauce, just the right amount of cheese and a great crust.

Hand made Pastas are all great - to the best of my knowledge all the pastas are hand made on the menu and they rotate a bit -- I think my current favorites are the lasagna and the new beets pasta they just put on the menu.

The beets pasta is vegetarian and it is very unusual for me to say anything vegetarian as a favorite dish for me, but this pasta is really outstanding. The lasagna, cavatelli and linguini with clams seem to be mainstays and the 4th pasta dish rotates so this one might not last unfortunately.

Pork Chop Milanese - best thing on the menu and rivals the dutch's pork chop for best in town. The Dutch's pork chop has a stronger pork flavor which I really like, but Macchialina's is even jucier than the Dutch's (which is juicy). Very hard for me to pick a winner between the two here -- Macchialina's is definitely a better value.

Meat and Cheese and Seafood platters are all high quality and you get a good deal when you order them as a platter, though I think Sardinia is still the meat and cheese platter champ.

On to desserts:

Tiramisu - Their version is unusual and has a strong coffee flavor to it but I really like it and prefer it to the more traditional ones I have had in town.

Bundino - This is a new dessert that is very good. Of course I will like anything dulce de leche. This may or may not be a "rotating dessert" as they always have the tiramisu, bread pudding, and gelatto on the menu but the 4th dessert seems to change.

Bread Pudding --I did not like their bread pudding because it had this cream cheese sauce on it that I did not like (it would have been great otherwise) -- however, I recently noticed they may have changed this and it seems like they are now putting a cup of vanilla gelatto on the side, a vast improvement in my mind. I would recommend their bread pudding if that is the case. I'll update this thread if I eat it.

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  1. Vegetarian pasta? Who are you and what have you done with tpigeon?

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    1. re: Frodnesor

      This is what happens when you leave your phone on the bar. Don't leave your phone on the bar.

    2. This place is legit. I had that Beet Mazzaluna dish last week and it is very good. Of course, I followed that up with the cavatelli with meatballs and porchetta... They had a dynamite picci special with venison and port stewed plums too. The polenta topped with house made sausage was another winner.

      Can't wait to go back.

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      1. re: The Chowfather

        Yes Chowfather Legit. I had a tasting menu that was a winning streak.

      2. I had another fantastic meal there last night thanks to a couple of specials along with some regular items.


        Tripe parmigiana was one of the best tripe preparations I've had. His sauce is outstanding.

        Yellowfoot chanterelles with bone marrow and parsley toast was unreal.

        Three mushroom risotto w/ yellowfoots, white button and shiitake was cooked perfectly and had great flavors.


        The veal cheek and pork meatballs are in the same league as Martorano and Macaluso's. Bonus points again for his sauce.

        Veal crudo with crispy prosciutto, braised escarole and tonnato sauce was another winner.

        I couldn't leave without having some pasta so I had the Spaghetti vongole for "dessert". pasta was perfect and there was some nice heat via the Calabrese chilis.

        Easily one of the best restaurants on South Beach

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          Ok. I will be there tomorrow. BTW their porchetta special was unearthly.