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Oct 6, 2012 06:39 AM

Nice "Different" Dinner Maybe 30-45 Min from Boston? Farm?

Looking for a nice dinner for 2 tonight away from the urban jungle (we live next door to Hungry Mother but don't want to go somewhere so close to home).

Somewhere like Gibbet Hill Grill maybe? We've never been there but the menu looks boring ( We'd love some good fall flavors, pumpkin, and some creativity.

The default may be Market at the W in Boston since we've never been, but we prefer something further away from the city that is a little calmer.

Ideas? We're going apple picking now! Thanks.

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  1. with that time constraint, i think you might really like AKA bistro in Lincoln, but I'd love to see you drive another 15 minutes (1 hr total) to Black Trumpet in Portsmouth . Charming, romantic, quiet 19th c. ships chandlery building; young innovative farm-and- sea-to-table chef. And Portsmouth is a charming place to walk around (also great for micro brews before dinner.)

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    1. I just read MJSlims review of Farmstead in Newton written for the Pheonix. Seems interesting and plenty of autumnal flavors.

      1. Thanks all. OK don't kill me. After an underwhelming experience at Cider Hill Farms (terrible apples left; none with a good taste), we went to Stonewall Kitchen and sampled our way to heaven and became too full for dinner! So we drove home, slept, and woke up at 10pm hungry for something spicy and flavorful. Myers and Chang did the trick - the Tigers Tears were excellent. But we will keep these suggestions for next time!

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          happens to the best of us! and aren't you lucky for M+C?! Love it.