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Oct 6, 2012 01:59 AM

On-premises Coffee Roaster in Washington, DC, Area

Living in Bristol, UK, at the moment. Discovered the best coffee I've ever had, and I'm a coffee snob. The shop is Twoday Coffee Roasters. They use the highest quality fair-trade cherries, roast them on-site, only sell this year's crop and only beans that have been roasted in the previous 2 days. They strongly advise you to buy only what you will use in the next 7 days max. As I said, just amazing coffee.

Simple question: Anything like this in the DC area? I've been mail ordering coffee for years, but not anymore.


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  1. I used to buy from Beanetics in Annandale every few weeks but haven't been there in a while. I think I may have slacked off during the coffee price spike a year or so ago. You have to twist some arms and do the math for them if you want to buy different quantities than the 10 oz and 1 pound bags that they pre-package but the coffee was good and they have an in-store roaster and the owners (I assume they're still there) are really interested in coffee in general, blends, and the roasting proceess.

    1. These are local roasters - but coffee origins might not be what you want;
      Quartermaine is a relatively dark roast and not as small an operation, I think, as Nagadi

      1. Java House DC at 17th and Q, NW roasts onsite daily. If you want more info you'd have to call.

        1. Sidamo on H St. NE (and in fulton, md) roasts its own, primarily Ethiopian, beans. I don't know enough about coffee to comment on the quality but they are nice people and host a traditional ethiopian coffee ceremony each week.

          1. A realitivly new place, Qualia Coffee, on Gergia Ave in Petworth. They roast properly, everyweek. It's the best I've had since the days of Sirius Coffee.