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On-premises Coffee Roaster in Washington, DC, Area

Living in Bristol, UK, at the moment. Discovered the best coffee I've ever had, and I'm a coffee snob. The shop is Twoday Coffee Roasters. They use the highest quality fair-trade cherries, roast them on-site, only sell this year's crop and only beans that have been roasted in the previous 2 days. They strongly advise you to buy only what you will use in the next 7 days max. As I said, just amazing coffee.

Simple question: Anything like this in the DC area? I've been mail ordering coffee for years, but not anymore.


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  1. I used to buy from Beanetics in Annandale every few weeks but haven't been there in a while. I think I may have slacked off during the coffee price spike a year or so ago. You have to twist some arms and do the math for them if you want to buy different quantities than the 10 oz and 1 pound bags that they pre-package but the coffee was good and they have an in-store roaster and the owners (I assume they're still there) are really interested in coffee in general, blends, and the roasting proceess.


    1. These are local roasters - but coffee origins might not be what you want;
      Quartermaine is a relatively dark roast and not as small an operation, I think, as Nagadi

      1. Java House DC at 17th and Q, NW roasts onsite daily. If you want more info you'd have to call.

        1. Sidamo on H St. NE (and in fulton, md) roasts its own, primarily Ethiopian, beans. I don't know enough about coffee to comment on the quality but they are nice people and host a traditional ethiopian coffee ceremony each week.

          1. A realitivly new place, Qualia Coffee, on Gergia Ave in Petworth. They roast properly, everyweek. It's the best I've had since the days of Sirius Coffee.


            1. Swing's Coffee. I work near the shop near the White House. Based on what they sell in the shop, I think they roast in Alexandria. I believe I've seen the beans on sale in Mom's.

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                Whole Foods in Old Town also carries Swings. And Swing's is opening a cafe in their new roasting plant in Del Ray.


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                  Looking forward to that opening up - I hope they are dog-friendly as there is a built-in clientele right across the street at the canine park.

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                    m.e. swings is what they serve at district taco. good stuff!

              2. Instead of roasting in house, most coffee shops around here (i.e. Big Bear, Peregrine, and maybe Filter?) use Counter Culture which is based in North Carolina, Not-quite-DC, but still fairly close and highly recommended is Ceremony Coffee which is based in Annapolis (a scant 30 miles outside of DC). They have a roastery but with strange hours so double-check before you make the drive. If you don't feel like driving out that way (you really should, Annapolis is a nice town), then you can purchase not only Ceremony but also Stumptown beans at Baked & Wired in Georgetown, but it'll run you roughly $15 a bag.

                1. I would second Sidamo and Swings (who does roast in Alexandria). I would add Misha's in Alexandria.

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                    Seconding Misha's. I really enjoy their roasted beans and onsite drinks.


                  2. I was told that Filter uses Ceremony coffee, roasted in Annapolis. I've started buying it from Whole Foods-- not as fresh as I'd like, but more to my liking than the other local roasts that I've tried.

                    1. I will add another vote for Sidamo. I tried it out for the first time today and have nothing but great things to say. Get the yerg (either the beans or a pour over there), it's excellent. One of the best cups I've had outside of Seattle.

                      1. who roasts the coffee at district taco in arlington? it is roasted in alexandria, and is very good.

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                          The blackboard used to say, and I think it might have been M.E.Swing. Though I'm a water drinker, it's nice to see Boylan's sodas rather than the usual self serve Coca Cola or Pepsi products.

                        2. I agree with Misha's. Also, might want to check out Grape and Bean but they don't roast on-site.