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Oct 5, 2012 08:02 PM

Duck Breast in STL?

Does anyone know of a good source for duck breasts in STL? I know I bought some at Whole Foods but that was a few years ago!

Any suggestions?

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  1. Schunck's on the Plaza, at Lindbergh and Clayton Rd. has fresh duck breasts at the meat counter. It's the only Schnucks that carries them.

    1. Schnuck's at Clayton and Big Bend carries frozen.

      Seafood City and Olive Street Farmer's Market both opposite each other on the same stretch of Olive, West of Hanley and East of I-170 carry fresh, sold either whole or specific cuts.

      but I guess the Asian-American Heritage festival (Olive and McKnight/Woodson) is going to botch traffic around there tomorrow

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      1. re: hill food

        Uh, hill food, that Schnuck's has been closed for some years now. I'm sure you mean another one?

        1. re: lemons

          I am pretty sure both the Schnuck's at Clayton and Big Bend (by the Esquire) and the Schnuck's at Clayton and Lindbergh (by Plaza Frontenac) are open.

          I think there used to be on at Clayton and Hanley,right?

          1. re: lemons

            You're thinking of the Schnucks at Clayton and Hanley. It's been closed for some time.

            1. re: lemons

              in any case, not meaning to spoil Robt's tip (and that's good to know), the point is MOST Schnuck's that even bother to carry duck, only have frozen.

              1. re: hill food

                Very true re Schnucks. I don't shop at the one cattycornered from Plaza Frontenac but have to be at PF today; may drop by and look.

                1. re: lemons

                  lemons -- could you please shoot me an email?

                  i have a question for you. couldn't find a way to contact you on

            1. No sign of duck breasts fresh or frozen at the Schnucks on the Plaza, at least today. Seafood City only had duck heads. I suppose you could confit them.

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              1. re: lemons

                HA! jellied duck tongue served on a small crouton with a seared brain and braised fennel schmear? and soup!

                I've found the choices at Seafood City are best on Thursday or Friday. maybe Saturday's festival brought additional business?

                when I found them frozen at the Clayton/Richmond Heights Schnuck's they were on the freezer aisle across (sort of) from the butcher to the right towards the end just before the specialty salami/prosciutto etc.

              2. OP here. I saw frozen duck breasts at the Brentwood Whole Foods today. They are kind of off to the side of the meat counter. I have a line on some local fresh duck, so I'll report back if that comes to fruition.