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Oct 5, 2012 07:54 PM

small anaheims

We grow Anaheim peppers here in VT in the garden. At the height of the season they are 7" -8" and roast well. At the end of the season they are only 4" or so and when roasted very little is left after roasting. Any ideas what I can do with these?

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  1. How about trying some quick pickling method. I tried it this summer with some farmers market long peppers, cut into rings, and kept them in the fridge. They were good on sandwiches or in pasta. I have no idea what recipe I used, but there are lots on the web.

    1. They're great roasted, peeled and on top of a burger with cheese. I roast/peel/freeze them and dice them up to add to stews and chilis in the winter months when I don't have fresh ones.

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        the problem with these is they are to small to roast. the first crop i had were long and thick skinned, so they held up to roasting. I tried roasting a few of these and after you peel them there is nothing left