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Oct 5, 2012 06:51 PM

brunswick dining

spent a week in harpswell, me. the seafood restaurants along the coast are all RIP-OFFS... AND TERRIBLE FOOD !!!! typical boiled lobster w/ baked potatoe for $35-45 when the lobsters can be purchased for $ 3.50 per lb. COOKS was the worst ! we decided to go into BRUNSWICK. Henry & Marty was fantastic. and even better was CLEMENTINE!! great choices in town , but stay away from the the places with the views along the water .you are better off buying you lobster and taking them back to your place to eat.....will gie you more details if you need......jimpir

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    1. The price may start at $3.50 but the larger sizes demand more money and some joints charge for cooking. I agree about Cooks... We ate there this summer and I got a lobster roll. Forgot the price but around $12 and I would be ashamed to serve such a small amount of lobster. I wrote the owner, and he replied.
      Thank you and we will try to do better next time. There will not be next time.

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        the lobster dinner was with a 1 1/4 lb lobster that sold for $ 35.00...I realize there is prep work and the cost of a potatoe and a 1/2 ear of corn ... so maybe $4.50 tops for cost of food ????and the service and taste was bland , BLAND !!!

      2. Odd you were charged $35 - 45. Cooks (on-line menu) is showing $19.95 for their 1/-1/4 lobster dinner ($35 for twins). Nevertheless, my preferred place for lobster / shellfish in that area is clearly Five Island Lobster in Georgetown, ME. .

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          the waiter said there were no 1 or 1/14 lb lobster , so he asked if we wanted t the next larger size @ " approx 1 1/2 or more ,and charged $34.95 for the dinner ... our own fault for not asking " how much more ?",,,, also, 6 steamed clams were $10.95 !!! I can get a whole doz. in any restaurant away from the Coast for the same price or better !!

          1. re: jimpir

            Ouch - sound like a classic bait & switch. An additional $15 for an additional 1/4 lb is a bit abusive.

            Next time, do consider Five Island Lobster. We've been there a number of times and have always been very pleased (outdoor dining, but exceptional views as well as excellent preparation).

        2. What other restaurants along the coast are ripoffs?

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          1. re: MidCoastMaineiac

            Mae's (formerly Christina's) in Bath- is very inconsistent.Our brunch was pretty good (pancakes and fried eggs) but our take away sandwiches were poorly produced and a rip off.

          2. They aren't ALL rip offs. Honestly, such overblown language is unfair to the restaurants in the area that are perfectly decent, and it makes me take you far less seriously as a reviewer.

            There's a nice little diner on Bailey Island that's reasonably priced and completely competent. Can't remember its name. Used to be named Blueberry something... We ate there in the spring and it was decent. The food at the Log Cabin (also on Bailey Island) where we stayed was absolutely lovely, but they're not open to the public, just open for guests, IIRC. There's a small lobster pound not too far from Cooks that isn't a rip off, either, but again, I can't recall the name... bah. It was only this last spring!